How to Choose the Best E-Readers

Have your ever been tired of your printed books? Why not pick an eReader for reading? Once you decide to accept these digital books, you will have plenty of options. Generally speaking, E-readers and tablet PCs are not easy to be distinguished, since they have something in common, while tablets is slightly more sophisticated than a digital book. If you are search for a digital book that fits your best, here's a list of things to consider when selecting a new e-book reader.

Best Features of E-Readers:

Wireless and 3G: E-readers with wireless capability let you enjoy the online services and download books from anywhere, over the air, for free. With a 3G option, E-books will perform better, since it can link up to anywhere within range of the wireless carrier as long as your device is available. If there is only one option in eReader, you will have to attach it to computer to download the books.

Browser-Built Apps: Connectivity makes e-books accessible to the whole web, and you can surf the web like operating a computer. While these browser-built apps do not exist in all the e-books, and if there is media player in it, you can directly see movies when viewing websites.

Inside Light Source: If you are fond of reading in bed when it is dark around, you will need enough light on the screen. It is troublesome and inconvenient to use add-on lights, so an eReader with a backlit screen is your best choice.

Text Size Adjustment: Find a e-reader that can adjust the text size you like. While not all the e-books have this function, so if this feature is essential to you, try to look for a e-reader with text size options.

Extra Slot for Memory Card: Like tablet PCs, the storage capability of e-readers is limited, Although it is enough for e-reader to store many books, it can not afford to hold too many electronic magazines and newspapers, let alone music and video files. So look for some devices that come with a slot for an SDcard, which helps you fit more files into your device.