How to Choose the Best Clothes for a Weekend Trip

The only way to unwind after a long week is to go on a trip and enjoy it, while planning the trip may be confusing. Try to comfort yourself and reduce some stress from the short vacation. No matter where you go, camping the mountains or having a nice sight of urban, wearing your best clothes and shoes will add color to your trip.

Best features of clothes:

Basic clothes: Your first step is to sort out your basic outfits. Shirt, pants, socks and underwear are indispensable items, and they are the basic clothing for vacation. You need to take at least one or two short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, and you can attach some extra socks and underwear to your package. Check out your destination and your package. While a pair of black slacks may be not suitable for the campground, it is best for the city.

Take warm jackets: You don’t necessarily feel disappointed if coming across the chilly and wet weather. A warm jacket is the best solution. Get prepared even if it is forecasted to be sunny. If your jackets are not easy to wrinkle, taking a couple of jackets to be layered is the best choice to meet the chilly night. It is also suitable for you to wear a light jacket for the evening, even though there is no rain or you are always indoor.

Dress a litter nicer: If you plan to enjoy yourself by going to dinner, seeing movies or attending a show at the local theater during the weekend, Try to dress yourself a little nicer than usual. Except for more formal events, a simple dress or sports jackets seem to be your partners. And if you want to keep your suit neat, you need a garment bag to store the evening dress or suit.

Take sportswear: Whatever activities you’ll attend at weekend , hiking in nature, playing volleyball on the beach or enjoying a quick morning jog, wearing appropriate clothes will keep you at ease. If you plan to perspire more sweats when doing sports, remember to take some moisture-wicking garments to make you cool.

Suitable shoesIf you want to catch a nice sight of beautiful scenery during the weekend, a good pair of suitable and wearable shoes will help you ease your trip. For the outdoors, even the long-term exposture to trails, hiking boots are the best choice for you. When it comes to the sidewalks or strolling through museums for the whole day, a good pair of sneakers is the idealized shoe.