First Things You Need To Know About Hats

Hats used to be a necessity in social gatherings and symbolize a delicate dress code. Not a social requirement as they were, hats are making a comeback nowadays. From the materials to the functions, the brim to embellishments, choices of hats are limitless, but not every one perfects you. The right hat which matches your garment leaves a deep impression on others and brings your stylish charm up a notch. Here, I will give you an introduction to hats so that you will choose the suitable one, making both you and the selected hat look absolutely fabulous.







Hats can be roughly classified into two types: hats and caps. A hat is a covering worn on one's head, usually with a crown and a brim. It does not fit tightly to your head as a cap does and there is a vast array of choices. A cap covers your head without a brim, sometimes with a visor. It fits closely to your head and takes on many different shapes.







Hats and caps are favored by a lot of girls and women. They step out in confidence and enjoy displaying their hats to everyone they meet. A list of hats and caps which are popular among girls and women is as follows.


Protection from the Sun: sunhats and bonnet




As the name suggests, a sunhat is used to protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Excessive exposure to the sun may result in health problems, especially with your skin. You must be aware of the need to wear a sunhat when you go outdoors. Sunhats come in a wide range of designs from small to large brims. Light colored hats can reflect the sunlight better. Wide brim hats can shade your face and eyes more ideally. Straw hats with large brims are commonly seen, particularly in holiday resorts. Different styles are applied to different settings. 



Wide Brim Sun Hat.





People have become attached to it since Middle Ages. It is a large headgear with a flap to shield your face and ribbons to fasten beneath the chin. The material used to make it is often canvas which has a high SPF (sun protection factor). If you still do not have a clearly visualized sketch of bonnet, think about Pride & Prejudice.



Large Brim Sun Hat




Keeping Warm during Winter: beanies and toques




A brimless hat,  also called stocking cap in the US and tuque in Canada. Generally they are made from wool or cotton. It is in triangular shape joined by a button at the crown and seamed together all around. Beanie fits snugly and cozily on the head. It can also stretch to cover the ears, so that both are guarded from the freezing winter.



Printing Turban Beanie Hat






A woolen cap similar to beanie, but with an upturned thin brim. Because of the brim, the forehead gets more heat.



Knitted Winter Hat



Reserving as Fashion Accessories: boater, fedora (cowboy hat), homburg, cloche, beret, panama hat, newsboy hat




A straw hat with stiff and flat brim and cylindrical crown. A ribbon is typically tied around the crown.



Large Brim Straw Hat




A fedora can be a felt or a straw hat. The brim can be broad, circular or oval. The most prominent feature of a Fedora hat is the creases down the crown and pinches in the front on both sides. The design not only looks fantastic, but also makes it convenient for you to hold. The cowboy hat  may be the most well-known type of Fedora. It is characterized by a high crown and large brim. Today, most people wear it for a trendy look.



Western Cowboy Hat




A felt hat which has an upturned stiff brim. The hat is famous for its gutter crown, meaning a dent in the top. The original Homburg looks more gentle and generous in proportion than the modern version.



Straw Jazz Hat with Rivet Strap





The word cloche comes from the French word cloche, meaning bell. As you can see, the cloche hat is a bell shaped hat. It enjoys huge popularity and wide influence.



 Woolen Flowers Cloche





Beret is made from woven wool, crocheted cotton, wool felt or acrylic fiber. It fits flatly on your head. As a result of its fashionable design, enthusiasm for the beret has never faded.



Newsboy Hat:


The hat has a full crown and a visor, round and full with a peak on the top for casual wearing.



Leather Newsboy Hat




Gearing up for Sporting Activities: baseball cap and bucket hat


Baseball Cap:


A baseball cap has a rounded crown and a stiff visor, often with a velcro or elastic adjuster at the back to fit your head. The front of the cap may be embroidered with letters, characters, logo of a sports team and etc. It is traditionally worn by baseball players, but fans convert it into everyday casual wear.



Baseball Cap



Bucket Hat:


A type of red-hot hat for fishing and outdoor activities, made from cotton or other fabrics. It features large brim, flat crown and an elastic strap to tie under the chin for keeping the hat in place. It provides optimum sun protection.


Bucket Hat



Costume Hat: disco hat


Disco Hat:


The hat resembles a baseball cap, but adorned with sequins. The chic way to wear it is to tilt to one side on the head.



Baseball Cap With Metal Sequins









Like your favorite piece of jewelry, you hat is a way to express your personal style. Sometimes, a simple hat is more likely to be the first item people focus on. So never let the hat wear you, but the other way around. You've got to own it. It is imperative to equip yourself with a sunhat or a bonnet. A straw sunhat is a hot star at the beach. Every girl would fall in love with it because of its breathable material and original design. The colorful beach skirt works well with a straw sunhat, evoking the image of exoticness and charm. A bonnet is commonly worn in the garden. The muted color of your dressing, and the fresh color of your bonnet,  make a quiet and breezy combination.

Large Brim Sun Hat




Beanies and toques are practical enough to bring warmth to your head in winter. Embrace any color you attach to, and create harmony between your hat and clothes, by getting the right proportion and the appropriate hue. Do not let the extravagant clothing overwhelm your hat. The right combination of your hat, outfit and accessories can do magic for you.



Toque Hat with Letter       




Boater is on the safe side in formal occasions. A cascade of colors are available. You can go after bright colors to perfect your vividly colored dress. The hat plus lip gloss would brighten your look, and pull an outfit together. Never exclude contrasting colors. It would make you look dramatic and striking. Cloche is meant for even more formal events. The basic rule of thumb--cloches coordinate with coats. The assemblage never wash you radiance out.



    Butterfly Cloche Hat


A homburg or a cowboy hat is for ladies with cool style. Auburn is a classic example of a cowboy hat color. Paired with bold lips, the hat can transform you into a fashion guru. A homburg softens your profile, uplifts your spirit and beautifies your entire appearance. Add matching accessories to your garment so as to achieve a great look. Ladies in a homburg or a cowboy hat give off subtle sexiness.



Leather Cowboy Hat



A baseball cap upgrades your leisure style or athletic look. It flatters and complements a baseball jersey. Keeping your special look by wearing your outfit, all your accessories and your hat together. The one important issue is to get a cap that fits your head.



Flat Baseball Cap



Now you can get started in the wonderful world of hats and enjoy!