Features Of Wearing Plaid

Plaid is one kind of best-selling cloth loved by countless people all over the world. Plaid is a multi-function material that can keep you both warm and fashionable, while the majority of people are worried about how to wear it. Here are some tips on how to properly wear plaid women’s clothing in your favourite style.

Choose a color and style you like:Since the plaid is applied to different occasions and has different combinations of colors, you can choose one style that you like easily. Like red and green plaid pieces, they are often reminiscent of Scottish tartan and are extremely conspicuous. Red and black checks, called “buffalo plaid”, are the symbols of lumberjack, while black and white plaid is more suitable for school. So try to decide your favourite color and style as you like.

Pick a flattering piece: Plaid is very eye-catching, so you need to make full of it to flatter your body figure. For instance, if you have bowed legs or a big bottom, wearing plaid pants are unmatched. Short plaid dresses are inappropriate for the person with a round stomach. But plaid shirts are suitable for everyone since they can be dressed in any forms, and plaid coats in a vintage pattern and color are always trendy.

Too much plaid is bad:If you are fond of the style of Scottish bagpiper, punk rocker and hunter, and want to blend them into one style, multiple plaid suits are the best choice. If not, just pair plaid item with simple pieces of clothing and shoes. There are lots of combinations, like a solid T-shirt and a dark blazer with plaid pants, a black sweater or cardigan with a plaid skirt, or simple shoes and a fitted jacket with a plaid dress. But it is advisable for you to combine other textures and patterns with plaid. For example, wearing leather boots and jackets with buffalo plaid shirts will make a wonderful look, and a plaid scarf can match a shirt with thin stripes.

Mix in other trends: You whole dressing will determine how the plaid looks like. If you want to dress yourself in modern style, you can try wearing a plaid dress or long tunic with thick black leggings or tights and either ankle boots or flats. It looks cool and causal when you are in plaid shirts with skinny jeans and sneakers, while a trench coat over a plaid skirt looks worldly-wise. Sometimes cute heels or flats and a nice handbags can well make great contribution to enhance a chic plaid coat.

Look for accessories:Accessories are usually indispensable. When you just want a little decoration of plaid on your outfit, attach a plaid scarf or gloves to it. These will keep you warm since they are made of cashmere or flannel. Plaid clutches and handbags are also popular, and plaid cuffs, earrings and headbands will make you shiny.