Fashionable Shoes in Autumn

We wear in different style in separate seasons, from top to the bottom. As autumn is coming, and sandals and slippers are disappearing from our daily life, the following step is to purchase right autumn shoes for daily life and work. Certainly we need to pay attention to both the outlook and the function, so that we can overcome the rains and bad weathers in this season and keep good appearance. Here are some advice for you if you have no idea for buying suitable shoes.

Suitable shoes in autumn:

Leather boots: Wearing a pair of soft and warm leather boots, even the worst weather would not make you feel uncomfortable. Another reason is that leather boots are also the leader of fashion. Leather boots have many styles, like flat boots, high-heeled boots, further boots, which can satisfy all our needs in autumn. No matter walking on the roads covered with yellow leaves, or just wandering in the autumn drizzle, you can do whatever you want to with your new boots.

Sewing flat shoes: Nowadays, sewing flat shoes looks quite unique by adding some fancy suiting, fleece, gabardine, and other fabrics. And they are warmer than other shoes, which make them popular in cool autumn. Adding some fashionable elements like fold, button and metal buckle, sewing flat shoes can well match with close-fitting pant and knitwear.

Oxfords shoes: Oxfords shoes would never be outdated for that they are eternally classic in autumn. The most important thing is they can well match with all styles costumes, and all occasions. Besides that, Oxfords shoes are also comfortable.

Sabot shoes: Current sabot shoes are no longer the clumsy wooden clog and garden clog and have various styles, like slipsole and high-heeled which people are quite fond of. How could sabot shoes be so popular in autumn? Because they are paired with everything, and they looks stylish and pretty. What’s more, they are easy to put on and take off.

Mary Jane shoes: Ready for returning to school in autumn, schoolgirls are always equipped with nice skirts and Mary Jane shoes. The shoes are rather suitable for this season with sound shape toe and wedges, allowing girls to step on the leaves, plash and other ground covers. It would be great to match Mary Jane shoes with nice fall skirt or woolen sweater and pant, together with a fashionable muffler.