Eyeshadow Makeup Guidance

Fundamental skills

We can not learn how to mix different colors to make a natural eyeshadow from the palettes, and the skills are summarized after frequent applications. For the first step, we should apply the moisturizer and then the concealer in a circular motion on the face, the next is foundation. Before you apply eyeshadow, you'd better to set spray on the brush so that the color of eyeshadow would be more natural and looks better. These skills are not told in the product guidance, but they are really useful. For new learners, eyeshadow palettes are not too expensive and fine eyeshadow can make them look pretty and attractive.

Eyeshadow palettes consist of primer and eye shadow. Each color is listed on the bottom of the palette and their features are also explained, so that you can learn to use it by yourself. Most of the brands will provide several kinds of shades for you, and you can apply by turns to find the fittest shades. It is quite interesting for the process, and you will find the different selves.


If you want to have sexual looking, you can draw the eyeliner like a cat, or put on some mascara and draw thick eyeliner.

If you can draw the lower lash line as well as you do for the upper waterline, your makeup will be more charming.

Be careful when you are blending the shades. Don't leave the signs of the brush trace, and make sure the whole makeup is harmonious and natural.