Best Tips on Repairing a Bicycle Tire

Taking up cycling is a good hobby, since it can improve your brainpower, health and happiness, also riding a bike is a way to save our planet. If you always ride on a bicycle for trips, it is necessary for you to know how to change or repair a bike tire on your own.

5 Steps to Repair a Bike Tire:

Take the wheel out of the frame. This is the first step, and do this by using a wrench loosen the nuts holding the wheel to the frame, if there is no quick-release in your bike.

Remove the tire from the rim. Wedge your bicycle lever between the bike tire and rim, and then lift the tire over the rim. Place another lever in under the wheel rim and lever out the rest of the tire. the tire should come right off on one side. You can easily come free the tire of the rim or you can use the tire levers to raise the tire over the rim for twice. After removing the rim, it is easy for you to take out the bike tube.

Inspect the tube to find the hole. Fill the tube with air to ensure where is the problem. Immersing the bike tube into water is also another easy way to find the hole. If there are some leaks, bubbles will soon arise. Also you can use some loose dirt or let the tube close to your face to find the hole easily.

Repair the tire. There should be a small piece of sandpaper in tire repair kit, which is used to help the patch attach to the bike tube tightly. You just need to do with the area where the hole is located, and then you should stick the patch to the hole, holding it for several minutes until it dries. What is more, the materials of the path will affect the drying time for the binder. Some patches need to be mixed with other glue in advance.

Put Tire on the Rim.You can blow up the bike tube partly to see whether the patch is effect, which is conducive to fix the tube back on the rim. Put the bike tube back inside the tire, when using the bike levers to place the tire back on the rim, pay attention not to scratch or damage the rims of the wheel or puncture the inner tube. And you need inflate the tire slowly and carefully after putting the wheel back on the bike.