Rings are definitely as important as necklaces and earrings when you dress yourself up .

Choosing the right ring to match your clothing is troublesome.

You must have been in a dilemma more than once. Here, I will try to help you sift through a large number of choices so that you can make a final decision.

Before rushing to boutiques or online stores, it is necessary for you to have a clear mental sketch of your ideal ring.

What kind of metals do you want to buy?

What kind of stones do you like to be set in the ring?

How many different styles of rings are there?

How can you match a ring to your outfit?

How do you find out about your ring size?

How to protect and care for a ring?

Let’s start from metals.

The first thing you need to consider is the material of a ring’s band. There are a variety of choices for you to ponder. Here are some types of metal commonly used in rings.


Alloy: a mixture of two or more types of metals, such as gold and silver, presenting different colors. Because of its low price and multiple color options, alloy jewelry is very popular.

However, the downside is that sometimes it may give your fingers green taints. A piece of advice: do not wear alloy rings every day.

Austria Diamond Inlayed Ring

Gold: gold is a kind of precious metal. It is naturally yellow. But mixed with different metals , it could be yellow, white or rose gold.

For instance, pure yellow gold mixed with copper is rose gold. The color is slightly more on the pink side.

“K” is a metric unit used to represent the purity of gold in a piece of jewelry. The more karats there are, the purer the gold is.

You'd better pick pieces purer than 14 karats.

Gold Plated Ring with Swarovski Diamond Inlayed


Platinum: a rare metal with silver white color, the least likely to cause allergy, relatively speaking. It is more expensive than any other types of metals.

If you are planning to buy it, take your family budget into consideration.

Silver: it is more likely for you to see sterling silver which is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloys.

A silver ring is affordable, so it is quite popular among jewelry lovers.

Silver rarely causes allergic reactions except those that are mixed with nickel. Larger amount of other alloys means greater likelihood of allergic reactions.

Crystal Diamond Inlayed Ring




Let’s go on to explore the wonderland of gemstones.


Whether to have stones or not is another element you need to take into account. I've listed common types of stones, which would hopefully be of some help to you.


Cubic zirconia: unlike naturally occurred diamonds, cubic zirconia is lab created. It is clear, similar to a diamond in appearance, usually used as diamond imitation, but is easily scratched.


Zircon Diamond Couple Ring


Diamond: precious and valuable, a diamond is reputed for its superb characteristics of hardness, optical dispersion, and resistance to heat.


Swiss Diamond Ring

Amethyst: a purple stone, also known as the birthstone for the month of February. The attractive color and the high quality of an amethyst is loved by most people.


Purple Austria Diamond Ring

Jade: an ornament stone, commonly carved into different shapes, is quite popular in East Asia. It is said that the stone is linked to good luck.


Peacock Crystal Beads Ring

Sapphire: the second hardest gemstone after a diamond. Blue is the main color of a sapphire.


Shell Crystal Ring

Topaz: the birthstone for the month of December. Amber-colored stones with different shades of yellow relate to one’s disposition.


Austria Crystal Inlayed Ring



Plated or not >>


1 Plated rings are cheaper than pure cast gold or silver rings;

2 Plated rings are easier to be worn away than pure cast rings are;

3 The rate at which plated rings are worn away depends on the thickness of the plating.

Diamonds or gemstones >>


1 Diamonds are much more durable than gemstones;

2 Diamonds have fewer choices of color than gemstones do.

Tips: a ring with a pure cast band is preferable over a plated ring for everyday wear and formal occasions.

If you don't want to stay the same and want to keep changing your style, a plated and gemstone ring is more desirable. But before that, family budget is a priority.

Five primary styles of rings in fashion jewelry are cocktail ring, band ring, Masonic ring, solitaire ring and cluster ring.

Cocktail ring: a large, dramatic type of ring, standing out with its size and color.

Vintage Pearl Ring

Band ring: a traditional and simple style ring, often worn on a wedding

Frosted Ring

Masonic ring: wearing Masonic rings means that you are under oath to live a virtuous life and relentlessly seek knowledge. A Masonic ring adds a little mystery to your style.

Multi-elements Plated Ring

Solitaire ring: rings with only one stone are called solitaire rings. The single stone stands for "one true love". A solitaire ring with accents has a main stone surrounded by smaller gemstones.


Diamond Inlayed Ring with Center Beads Carved


Cluster ring: as the name suggests, a cluster ring is a ring with stones gathering together in a setting.

Elastic Dico Ring



Match your outfit with the right ring to compliment your overall appearance.

For formal events, a cocktail ring or cluster ring is a good choice to go with your gown. Pick a band or a solitaire ring when you wear suits.


Oval Alloy Ring with Crystal Beads Inlayed


For costume parties, cocktail rings never go out of vogue. Include a cluster ring and a Masonic ring into your short list. Moreover, a glam punk with Masonic ring looks cool and draws a lot of attention.

Definitely a perfect match.

Fashion Ring with Acrylic Flower

For casual wear, go with a band ring. The simple style of a band ring flatters your ensemble and stays in harmony with your outfit.


Simple Couple Ring with Frosted Matted Surface


For weddings, if you are the bride, a solitaire ring is an unquestionable purchase to make.

If you are the bridesmaid, choose a solitaire ring or a band ring; make sure you wear it on the forefinger of your right hand , meaning you are single.


Swiss Diamond Ring





All right, if you have come to a decision, then we are ready to talk about ring sizes.


Fingers vary in sizes. Knowing your ring size is completely essential before making a purchase online.


Below are five steps for you to measure your ring size, easy to understand:


First, compare the size of the finger on which you are going to wear at the bottom and the size of the knuckle, choose the bigger one. Wrap the bigger one with a string or a piece of paper;



Second, mark the size with a pen;



Then, measure the mark with a ruler;


Last, locate your ring size with a size chart.


Here is a ring size chart.



Now you know which size you should choose in shops, right?


Care of a ring is often neglected, but actually it’s very important if you want to keep it shiny.




--Keep the ring clean


--Use jewelry cleaner for a manicure.


Step 1

Pour dish detergent in a container of lukewarm water;



Step 2


Soak the ring about 20~30 minutes;



Step 3


Clean dirt with a soft brush;



Step 4

Rinse off solution residue with running water;



Step 5

Dry the ring



-- Avoid wearing too many rings to prevent scratches

-- If you take it off, store it in an anti-tarnish bag


--Take the ring off when partaking in sports activities

--Clean often

Step 1

Apply jewelry cleaner to the gemstone;



Step 2


Brush it with a toothbrush with soft bristle;



Step 3


Wash your ring with hot water to get rid of cleaning solution;



Step 4

Dry the clean piece with a soft cloth.



--Store it in a dry jewelry box.


Resin Jewelry Box in Carved Flowers Style