5 Top Features of Flattering Sunglasses

Sunglasses are widely considered as one of the most significant accessories since they preserve your eyesight well. Except for the protection, more and more people are seeking for the sunglasses in good shape. There are some tips that help you choose the most appropriate and fashionable sunglasses.

How to choose a suitable pair of sunglass:

Decide the Shape of your face: If you have no idea, take a look in a mirror and consider your face shape: round, oval, oblong, heart-shaped, or square. To make a good look, the shapes of sunglasses are supposed to be complementary to your face. For instance, if you have a square jaw, you will require a pair of sunglasses with rounded lenses. A long and narrow face is complemented by wrap sunglasses.

Choose a befitting size: Sunglasses will be perfectly suitable if they fit your face. It may look so ponderous on your face when you wear a smaller frame, while large frames will make you look naive, and remember to choose the lightweight sunglasses if you have a wide nose. There are three indexes in millimeters when referring to sunglass sizes. The first index is the width of one lens, the distance between the lenses (over the bridge of your nose) is defined as the second index, and the last is the length of one arm of the sunglasses. If you want to require an optician to help you modify the arm, you need to know how the first two indexes fit your face.

Steps to Measure for Sunglasses

1.Take a deep look in a mirror with your ruler or band tape and measure--in millimeters--the total width of your face across your eyes.

2.Then, gauge the bridge of your nose to get the middle number in the size.

3.Deduct the width of bridge of your nose from the total width, then figure out your estimated lens size by dividing the number in half.

4.Allow the miscalculation within 5 millimeters or so, and come with a befitting pair of sunglasses.

Choose your favourite colorThe accessories of sunglasses come in all colors and various styles. Lens in grey or green are suitable for diving, while lenses in brown or amber are more befitting for sport sunglasses. And you can choose your favourite colors of frames. If you want to add more to your fashion, search for shiny colors or the sparkle of gold on your sunglass frames.

Extra Tip:Remember that, as long as you feel confident, you're sure to look great, no matter which sunglasses you choose.