5 Styles of Belts


Belts with pants, is a perfect combination to dress you up when you are outside. While how to accessorize with belts, it may be the most vexatious question for you. There are several tips about wearing a belt that can make you more attractive than ever before.

Best styles of Belts:

Different location: You can place the belt on different locations over the top of your clothes when layering itto achieve a shapely effect. If your clothes are loose, and trend to be causal, just fasten the belt as you like. There are many details that determine how you look like. If you want an empire waist, just wearing wide elastic belts around ribcage. If you are willing to have an hourglass shape, just wearing a narrow belt around your true waist, where you ribcage ends; or wear it low, around your hips by using double-wrap belts.

Tie off in the end: A long, skinny belt enables you to tie the end of it in special ways. For instance, you may create a cute knot with a ribbon belt. You can also buckle a long leather belt, pulling the loose end behind, up or through the loop. And you can manage the belt end in any forms just as you like.

Be colorful: Wherever your belt is, at your waist, over a cardigan or around your hips, a few decorations are usually necessary. For example, if you plan to be charming with your black dress, a hot pink, lipstick red or bright gold seems to be great. If you are enjoying a sweet style, a blue or coral belt to the waist of skirt is the best choice. Sometimes a belt with varicolored or leopard print can idealize a chic sense when combined with a denim jumpsuit.

In classic ways: It is typical to wear a belt through the loops in the pants in our daily life. For most women, they are often captivated by a belt with a 3/4-inch width, and it will not lead to any undesirable results if the color fits your pants. What’s more, nothing could be more befitting when the third hole of your belt can be perfectly buckled.

Buckle styles: A slender belt always comes with small and plain buckle; say it’s a metal one, make sure it doesn’t have a lustrous surface. While if you plan to show off, a large belt buckle is a luxuriant one for your waist. These combinations are the best.