5 Best Styles of Blouses

Blouses are long-standing classics in women’s fashion and a favorite for daily wear, whether you're wearing one for the office, or a dinner with friends. Since they are all-matched, you have plenty of selections to fit your preference. The following five styles are all best options for you in choosing your favorite blouses.

Best Blouse Styles:

Tailored button-down: A button-down blouse is the most appropriate option for you at office. A tailored button-down blouse perfectly fit your figure without any unseemliness. When going with pant and skirt suits, button-down blouses looks better than usual. It sounds good when you match a tailored blouse with just trousers or a skirt.

Printed and pinstriped: If you feel monotonous about your patterned blouses, just append a little color. A pinstripe blouse is one of the typical representatives of patterned button-down shirt. With printed blouses, your dressy or casual style will take on a new look. When it comes to weekends, a brightly printed blouse is the optimal suit compared to a subdued floral or paisley blouse.

Casual peasant: It seems to be of fashion and glamour to wear with jeans, capris or even shorts attached to casual peasants when the summer is coming. Expect for handiness and coolness, peasant blouses have the loose-fit character, and it is better if tied in belt. Because of the looseness, it will show the perfection when matched with the fitted pants, such as skinny jeans and pencil skirts.

Wrap blouses: Wrap blouses along with the suits of classic button-down, are a choice match both in the office and at parties. Also it will project you in a perfect figure, because the wrap blouses will give prominence to your waist so as to make nice curves out of a straight figure. You may put on your wrap blouse with dress pants or a skirt in the office or at weekends.

Short sleeves: A blouse with short or 3/4-length sleeves will make you feel distinctive whether you are wearing one for office or party. It is handy for you to transform your shirt sleeves to fit the different seasons. Usually a short-sleeve blouse will take on a great look when wearing under a blazer or united with tailored skirt and cardigan. It can express a sense of elegance.