5 Best Features of Silver Dress

A silver dress is widely considered as a graceful, bright and charming suit. When coming with the cocktail hour, a night at the club or a wedding, a silver dress is your best choice. A silver dress with cool and blue undertones, goes together seamlessly with chilly shades of black, gray and gunmetal. Use black or silver accessories as you like or apply some splashes of color on your silver dress to bring a contrast.

How to Accessorize a Silver Dress:


Pair black or silver jewelry: Black or silver jewelry makes a great match with various silver fabric, including sequined and metallic clothing. Use these basics to make a contrasting rather than unifying effect. Try to wear a black faux crocodile heel or a silver-accented crystalline sandal instead of plain matter black shoes with your silver dress. And add texture to bring dimension to this reliable association.


Add blue stones and minerals like sapphires and turquoise: Blue adds class to any shade of gray or silver. Blue usually sparkles in a silver dress. Since blue and turquoise alwayshave cool undertones, they complement the chilly hue of your silver shoes perfectly.

Abstain from red, yellow and orange: Silver is usually inconsistent with the hot colors. In fact, these colors cannot be mixed wonderfully with silver. If you like red, choose a light-colored hue in pink to match your silver dress.


Add the jewelry that mixes gold and silver: Many people agree on the fact that gold does not coexist with silver in one suit. However, the modern jewelry design has break this taboo and combine gold and silver. A jewelry that mixes gold and silver can add sparkle to your silver dress.

Look for the accessories that mix black, blue and silverSilver looks amazing and charming when combined with plain black. Onyx and hematite also have the same characteristics like gunmetal, and they are best for glossy, elegant accessories, that make silver dress promoted.