4 Baggages You Should Pay Attention to When Flying

Since 2001, the content of airplane carry-on luggage restrictions checklist has been changed. One change for passengers is that they can take with liquids that are in 3-ounce bottles or less, and it is necessary for you to understand more details about other restrictions. Here we have listed 4 things that you should always leave out of your bags.

Information and Details:

Sharp Items: Packing sharp items in your carry-on baggage is available, but you need to sheathe or wrap them to make sure there is no potential risk left. Although there are some items that are limited to appear on the plane, they can be stored in your checked baggage, such as box cutters, ice picks, razor blades, metal knives, scissors and swords.

Sporting Accessories: If there are sporting competitions or skiing expeditions that you are going to attend, make sure your sporting equipment is well kept in your checked baggage before boarding. But some goods will be still prohibited, which have a potential risk to passengers, like baseball bats, cricket bats, bows and arrows, golf clubs, hockey sticks, pool cues and ski poles.

Gears: You may be amazed when you see some kinds of sharp tools on the plane. A screwdriver can be placed in your carry-on luggage as long as its length is less than 7 inches. But if A screwdriver is 7 inches or exceed the standard, it will be forced to be stored in checked baggage. In order to keep safe when flying, all sharp tools in your baggage are required to be wrapped.

Firearms: Firearms can be brought on flights but only as checked baggage, and not all the ammunition need to be checked. The airlines have the right to determine which kinds of firearms can be checked. Of course, there should be no gun powder neither in your carry-on or checked bags.