17 Dress Silhouettes And Styles Now Being Worn By Brides The World Over



1. A-Line Dress

A-line brings out the best contour possible on almost all women, so it's always on top of the list.

Your silhouette takes on an elegance that would amaze you yourself, as the A-line dress brushes gently along your body curves, not clingy, but fluid.

Is it meant for you?

A-line dress seems omnipotent: It renders an illusion of length on petite girls, or adds volume to tall girls, and if you would rather people not see too clearly your curves, the A-line is your go-to dress as well!

2. Ball Gown or "Pick Up" Dress

The signature full skirt makes it the most nostalgic style. The ball gown gives you more curves by lifting the waistline. The most impressive part, of course, is the gracious fall of its skirt.

Mesmerizing hourglass figure and hidden full hips can be both achieved by wearing a “pick up”. 

Is it meant for you?

Fantasy-themed costume parties, or formal events? Think ball gown. And needless to say it’s almost every innocent bride’s top pick as a classic wedding dress. Most of you girls, of almost any body shapes, will look astonishing in this dress. 

3. Column or Sheath

If you’d love to go for a chic yet royal look, this body-hugging style is your first choice. Coming in all sorts of strapless and backless designs, sheath has been gaining frantic popularity among a new generation of brides.

Is it meant for you?

Somewhat broad shoulders, athletic contour? Well, bingo, girlfriends! Also, for petite ladies, sheath is also a brilliant touch. But be alarmed if you have places you hate being accentuated, for its tight wrap might as well be steered clear of.

4. Mermaid

Tightly fitted at the top, with a bit of drama by a flair around the knees, the mermaid dress, a.k.a. “the trumpet” or “fit and flare”, shines through in unique beauty.

Is it meant for you?

When you don a mermaid, your bust, waist and hips are accentuated and form an hourglass. So, heads up, curvy girls, make plans to wear one of these at a fancy celebrity wedding, or on a red carpet.

5. Empire

Another popular choice for mature ladies who wish to blend in.

The empire silhouette raises the waistline till it reaches the edge of the bust. The motion of this dress varies with types of fabric and cut, you are offered the options of either flowing and smooth, or classic and layered. 

Is it meant for you?

Softening the hips and uplifting the waist, empire silhouette is a great pick for girls of most body types, who want the admiring gaze to go up. 

6. Princess

Somehow resembling the A-line, which is equally flattering, the princess silhouette brings more flaunt to the party.

Waist is not emphasized here, and the fabric is put together vertically in panels.

Is it meant for you?

Looking to visually stretch your upper body? Well, what is better than a dress of seams following your body contours? This is the ONE dress that will make the day for petite girls with small waists.

7. Mini

Nothing says ‘sassy’ louder than the mini dress. Brides are starting to wear it more then ever, which ends half thighs, showing off those sexy calves.

Is it meant for you?

Imagine, you, the bride, in a handpicked mini dress, walking on the beach, step by step, to the flower arch, under which your one and only awaits.

You feeling it? That’s the reason why a lot of ladies these days would consider getting married in a mini dress. It flatters long legs, but get this, it also makes shorter girls appear tall. 

8. Knee-length

Hemline ending slightly lower than the knees, the casual look is great on both the bride and bridesmaid.

Is it meant for you?

From May to August, chances are you will see these dresses at wedding receptions more than in other months. It is picked by petite or curvy brides for freedom of movement and a bonus elegant air.

9. Tea-length

If you are going for 1950s retro, tea-length should be on your short list. The hem can stop at any point between the bottom of knees and top of ankles. Think Roman Holiday, yes, like that.

Is it meant for you?

Aren’t we all living for ... Those magnificent high-heels? Well, your dream heels can be no more brought to attention than by the tea-length dress. For that very reason, most brides are wearing it as the second dress for receptions.

10. Ankle-length

Hemmed at the ankle, hence the name. So it’s also a toe nail art and shoes flaunting style. Either full or fitting skirt is available to tickle your fancy.  

Is it meant for you?

Brides in ankle-length dresses are usually lively, bouncing around, and not liking the dress to be stepped on. You want to debut your smart and modern self, and ankle-length dress is your partner in crime.

11. Floor-length

Floor-skimming hem adds drama to the wedding ensemble. The hemline hangs a couple of inches above the ground. Detailing like flounce or lace is often seen along the hem, as a style booster.

Is it meant for you?

This style is another favorite for heel-o-holics. Fashionista’s advice: try wearing a white floor-length dress with a bit of, say, red detail. Slip into your red heels, and let it peep out of the hem as you walk the aisle. That would be something worth beholding for the appreciative guests.

12. Sweep Train

It’s the easiest train style since the hem barely touches the ground. Perfect for brides who yearn for traditional elements but shun cumbersome long train. 

Is it meant for you?

You pay tribute to traditional aesthetics, and want to be graceful but not too extravagant? Sweep train is made just for you.

13. Court Train

This style is for ceremonies. It’s longer than the sweep train, and blooms away from ankles for about 3 feet. The volume in this dress is quite impressive.

Is it meant for you?

If you need your train to be light and friendly for only one carrier, sometimes a delicate flower girl, court train is a smart decision, which also claims supreme elegance.

14. Chapel Train

The mainstay of all train lengths, the chapel train extends roughly 3 to 5 feet behind the wedding gown. It is undoubtedly a statement piece, shouting out “This MY big day! And no one can steal those thunders that are ALL MINE!”

Is it meant for you?

For any body shape, just go with chapel train, for an effect of overflowing grandeur. In it, the bride officially becomes the storm’s eye of a formal wedding.

15. Cathedral Train

A.k.a monarch train, the cathedral train cascades down the skirt and flows 6-8 feet behind the gown. For centuries, it has been the champion in jaw dropping.

Is it meant for you?

Wondering if this style will cause a sensation? The answer is YES! Catholic girls, since birth, dream about the moment they sashay in a cathedral train dress in a cathedral. Wink wink.

16. Watteau Train

This one definitely stands out, with a single sheet of flowing fabric attached to your shoulders or upper back. Some call the fabric ‘veil’, which is actually a train, and its length vary from knee to floor-length.Is it meant for you?

A bride would be glamorized to an awe-inspiring degree by this shoulder to floor train. ‘An independent woman always holds her own train’, if you cannot agree more, then Watteau train is your destiny.

17. Asymmetrical

Here, ‘asymmetrical’ means both the hem length and tailoring elements differ from side to side. The most-seen design has shorter hem at the front than the back.

For brides who like to spin around in circles: This dress changes with each new angle, so you’ve got to try it.

Is it meant for you?

When a bride wants to be modern and chic upfront, but traditional and elegant from behind, asymmetrical dress seems to be the only option.