Gabon Weather and Climate

According to COUNTRYAAH, Gabon lies on both sides of the equator and has a tropical climate with very high humidity (up to 98%) and consistently high temperatures all year round. The main rainy season is from mid-January to mid-May, the small rainy season from early October to mid-December. The long dry season from June to September is made a little more pleasant by the trade winds. The temperatures and humidity then drop a little, but still remain at a very high level. On the coast of the Atlantic, wind and the cool Benguela current ensure that the climate is generally a bit more bearable.

In Gabon, tropical water flows from the sky. Precipitation is highest on the coast at 3,000 mm. In the interior of the country, the rainfall is “only” 1,600-1,800 mm, a little less, which is still three times the amount of precipitation in Germany. With slight annual fluctuations of only 3-4 ° C, the average temperatures decrease from 26-27 ° C on the coast towards the inland to 24 ° C. At night, the thermometer almost never drops below 20 ° C, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

For Central Europeans, the hot and humid tropical climate in Gabon takes a lot of getting used to. Therefore, you should plan a few days for acclimatization before tackling strenuous activities.

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Best travel time for Gabon

The dry seasons from June to September and December and January are the best times to travel to Gabon. Not only are the often unpaved roads easier to drive on. The animals can also be observed better at this time, as the vegetation is not so lush and dense and the herds are concentrated at a few water points. In addition, the trade winds then freshen up, which moderates the high humidity somewhat and makes the climate more pleasant. Last but not least, you don’t have to walk around in the heavy rain all the time.

The whales off the coast of Gabon are best seen between July and September.

However, if you want to see the turtles laying their eggs on the country’s beaches, you definitely have to come during the short dry season around the turn of the year.


Gabon Weather and Climate
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