Ellendale, Delaware Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Ellendale, Delaware is a small town located in Sussex County, just outside of the Delaware beaches. With a population of around 1,500 people, Ellendale is a quaint and peaceful town that’s perfect for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Bordering Ellendale are several other towns and cities, each offering their own unique attractions and amenities.

To the east of Ellendale lies Milton, Delaware. This small town is known for its historic downtown area with its Victorian-style buildings as well as its many parks and public gardens. Milton also has a number of restaurants offering locally-sourced cuisine as well as several boutiques for shopping enthusiasts.

Heading south from Ellendale you’ll find Georgetown, Delaware which is home to some of the state’s most beautiful beaches such as Broadkill Beach and Lewes Beach. Georgetown also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing and camping at Trap Pond State Park or hiking at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

To the west lies Laurel, Delaware which provides an array of shopping experiences with its antiques stores, art galleries and farmers markets. Laurel also has a variety of dining options ranging from casual family restaurants to upscale eateries featuring local cuisine. Additionally, this charming little town hosts numerous festivals throughout the year including their popular Blueberry Festival in June featuring live music and delicious blueberry-inspired dishes!

Finally, heading north from Ellendale you’ll find Milford which is known for its vibrant downtown area filled with shops selling everything from handcrafted items to vintage clothing. There are also plenty of places to eat here ranging from casual cafes to fine dining establishments serving up fresh seafood dishes caught right off Milford’s coastline! In addition to all these activities Milford is home to an impressive selection of museums including the Etta Jorgensen Gallery & Museum showcasing local artwork and artifacts as well as Milford Museum telling stories about the area’s past.

With so many different towns bordering Ellendale there’s something for everyone in this part of Sussex County! From outdoor activities to shopping experiences to cultural attractions each one has something special that makes it worth exploring!

Ellendale, Delaware

Population of Ellendale, Delaware

Ellendale, Delaware is a small town located in Sussex County, with a population of approximately 3,000 people. The majority of the population is white, making up more than 82% of the population. African Americans make up 8%, while Hispanics and Latinos make up 6%. The town has a median age of 41 years old and more than 28% of the population is over the age of 65.

The median household income in Ellendale is $47,941 which is lower than the state average. The unemployment rate for Ellendale is 6.4%, which is slightly higher than the national average. Most residents are employed in healthcare, retail trade, and educational services industries.

The town has seen some growth in recent years due to its close proximity to larger cities such as Dover and Wilmington. With its low cost of living and access to nearby shopping centers and restaurants, many families have chosen Ellendale as their place to call home.

Ellendale offers several parks and public gardens for residents to enjoy including Trap Pond State Park which offers several recreational activities such as camping, fishing, kayaking and hiking trails. There are also plenty of local shops and restaurants offering fresh seafood dishes caught right off Milford’s coastline! Additionally, there are several museums including the Etta Jorgensen Gallery & Museum showcasing local artwork and artifacts as well as Milford Museum telling stories about the area’s past.

Overall, Ellendale provides a great quality of life for its residents with its low cost of living combined with access to nearby shopping centers and restaurants as well as plenty of recreational activities available at nearby parks and public gardens!

Schools and Education in Ellendale, Delaware

According to ANDYEDUCATION.COM, Ellendale, Delaware is home to several public schools including Ellendale Elementary School, Seaford Middle School, and Sussex Central High School. The public school system in Ellendale is managed by the Indian River School District which serves more than 10,000 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.

The district has a strong commitment to providing excellent educational opportunities for all students. The district follows the Delaware State Standards and utilizes the Common Core State Standards in order to ensure that students are receiving a quality education. The district also focuses on providing various extracurricular activities for students such as athletics and clubs.

In addition to the public school system, there are several private schools located in Ellendale such as St. Jude’s Academy and Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences. These private schools offer an alternative educational experience with smaller class sizes, individualized instruction, and more personalized attention from teachers and staff members.

Higher education opportunities can be found at Delaware Technical Community College which offers certificate programs as well as associate’s degree programs in a variety of fields including business, health sciences, engineering technology, hospitality management and many more! Additionally, there are several universities located nearby such as University of Delaware and Wilmington University which offer bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

Overall, Ellendale provides its residents with access to quality education both through its public school system as well as private schools and higher education institutions nearby!

Places of Interest in Ellendale, Delaware

Ellendale, Delaware is home to a number of interesting places of interest. For history enthusiasts, the Nutter D. Marvel Carriage Museum is a must-see. Visitors can learn about the history of carriage making in Delaware and explore the many artifacts on display including carriages, sleighs, and buggies from the 19th century.

The Ellendale History Museum is another great stop for those interested in learning more about local history. The museum features a variety of exhibits including artifacts from Ellendale’s earliest settlers as well as displays on the town’s agricultural heritage.

For outdoor activities, Ellendale has several parks and public gardens where visitors can enjoy nature and wildlife viewing. The Lums Pond State Park offers hiking trails, fishing spots, campgrounds and more! Additionally, visitors can take advantage of boat rentals to explore the tranquil waters of Lums Pond or take part in kayaking adventures along the nearby Mispillion River.

The town also features a number of unique shops and eateries including The Market at Ellendale which offers locally-made goods such as jewelry and art pieces from local artists as well as fresh produce from nearby farms. There are also several restaurants ranging from traditional American cuisine to Mediterranean dishes that offer something for everyone!

Overall, Ellendale has something for everyone with its rich history, outdoor activities and unique shops!

Ellendale, Delaware Population, Schools and Places of Interest
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