Central African Republic Weather and Climate

The Central African Republic is climatically in the tropics. While the south belongs to the always humid tropics, the central part and the north of the country are in the alternately humid tropics. Here the year is divided into a dry and a wet season.

In the southern part there is annual precipitation of up to 1,600 mm. It’s humid most of the year. Only around the turn of the year is there a short, two-month dry phase. The humidity is 75-80%. Warm temperatures between 25 ° C in July / August and 28 ° C in March prevail here all year round. Because of the proximity to the equator, the seasonal temperature differences are small. Even at night, the thermometer hardly sinks below 20 ° C. The high humidity ensures that the climate is felt to be very humid and oppressive.

To the north, the precipitation and the duration of the rainy season decrease. In the humid tropical climate of the central part of the country, around 1,400 mm of rain are reached each year. The precipitation falls almost exclusively in the eight months between April and November.

In the north, the rainy season lasts from May to October. There are also only 750-800 mm of precipitation per year. The temperatures fluctuate more strongly here. While it gets extremely hot, especially in the dry season, sometimes up to 40 ° C, the values ​​can drop to 10 ° C at night. The average temperature is between 22 and 30 ° C. In addition, the hot, dry and dusty harmattan wind is noticeable in the north, blowing from the Sahara and significantly reducing the humidity.

Best time to travel to the Central African Republic

The optimal travel time depends on the length of the rainy season in the part of the country you want to visit.

The short dry season in December to February is recommended for the south. Because only then the roads and slopes – in contrast to the rainy season – can be used.

In the north, the dry season lasts longer. Therefore, a trip to this region is possible from November to April. Although it is the hottest in the north during these months, it is still more bearable than traveling in the oppressive, humid and hot rainy season.


Central African Republic Weather and Climate
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