Retro Finish Silver Zinc Alloy Jewelry Box Antique Ethic Fashion Carving Accents

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  • Silver-Tone Zinc Alloy Jewelry Box Accented with Floral Carving in Retro Style
  • Retro Fashion Silver Zinc Alloy Jewelry Box with Antique Carved Flowers Design
  • Briefcase Shaped Croco-Embossed Leather Jewelry Box with Six Colors Available
  • Briefcase Shaped Square Jewelry Box Dual Layers Structure and Four Color Options
  • Domed Alligator Embossed Leather Jewelry Box Spacious Design Optional Six Colors
  • Four Colors Square Jewelry Box Imitation Suede Texture Single Compartment Design
  • GUANYA Four Colors Velvet Jewelry Box Versatile Multiple Sections for Storage
  • Treasure Chest Shaped Tin Alloy Jewelry Box Adorned with Overall Floral Carvings
  • Five Colors Croco-Embossed Leather Expandable Jewelry Box Triple Drawers Design
  • Retro Finish Silver Rectangle Tin Alloy Jewelry Box Adorned with Floral Carving
  • Croco-Embossed PVC Leather Jewelry Box in Notebook Style Four Colors Available
  • Croco-Embossed Faux Leather Jewelry Box Layered Structure Optional Three Colors
  • Heart-Shaped Silver Tin Alloy Jewelry Box Floral Embossment Open from the Middle
  • Pink Heart Resin Jewelry Box Trimmed with Lace and Accented with Roses in Bloom
  • Heart Shaped Velvet Jewelry Box with A Portable Handle Triple Color Options
  • Leather Belted Dresser Jewelry Box with Croco-Embossed Detail Five Color Options
  • Radiant Peacock Resin Jewelry Box Dome Shaped Ethic Charm Accented with Gems
  • PVC Leather Square Jewelry Box Croco-Embossed Fashion Multiple Color Options
  • GUANYA Square Croco-Embossed Leather Jewelry Box Six Colors Lock and Key Design
Product Description

Store and protect sentimental keepsakes in a silver zinc alloy jewelry box from Beyond Jewelry. Ethic engraving patterns in retro fashion make it invaluable for an ever-expanding jewelry collection.

Item No.

Jewelry box 1031


Jewelry box




Zinc alloy




Jewelry storage




Individually packed


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