Silver/White/Black Ashtray with Leopard Pattern Zinc Alloy Spring Cover 982BF

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  • Stainless Steel Cylindrical Shaped Ashtray Spacious Design with Locking Tab
  • Rhinestones Embellished Stainless Steel Ashtray Dice Shape with Rotary Cover
  • Portable Cigarette Ashtray with Clip Silver Stainless Steel Cute Cover 778A
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  • Shiny Rhinestones Dice Shaped Ashtray Gray Stainless Steel with Rotary Cover
  • Wheat/Silver Clip-on Ashtray with Cup Shape Solid Zinc Alloy Cover 780B
  • Black/Silver Plastic Riveted Ashtray with Rotary Top Cover 7.8cm Diameter
  • Silver/Red Drum Shaped Ashtray Zinc Alloy with Auto Spring Cover 635B
  • Silver Stainless Steel Ashtray with Spring Cover Round Shape 6.7cm Diameter
  • Portable Car Cigar Ashtray with Silver Stainless Steel Cover Magnet Round Shape
  • Silver/Gold/Black Ashtray with Leopard Pattern Zinc Alloy Rotary Cover
  • Rotary Cover Rivets Studded Ashtray with Black PU Silver Aluminum Alloy 796-4
  • Anya Solid Ashtray with Red/White Dice Design Melamine ABS Cover D406
  • Red/Silver/Black Cup Shaped Ashtray Solid Zinc Alloy with Rotary Press Cover
  • Silver/Gray/Black Leopard Pattern Ashtray Aluminum Alloy with Rotary Cover 796-4
  • Durable Rotary Press Cover Ashtray with Silver/Black/Blue Black Zinc Alloy
  • Silver/Red/Black Ashtray with Rhinestone Flower Pattern Zinc Alloy Rotary Cover
  • Stainless Steel Ashtray with Leopard Pattern Silver/Brown/Black PU Spring Cover
Product Description


Product name







Zinc alloy


1.     Simplistic yet modern, this creative cup shaped zinc alloy ashtray is detailed with leopard pattern and a hand controlled spring lid to facilitate opening;

2.     Good ashtray to hold smoking ash.

Dimensions and weight


Before packing: length 9cm, width 8.8cm, height 11.8cm

After packing: length 10cm, width 9.7cm, height 12.2cm


Net weight: 175g

Gross weight: 209.5g

Packaging details

1 x ashtray

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