LED Armband for Running Adjustable Strap Perfect Fitness Five Color Options


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  • Hasky 2.5L Drinking Water Bag with Army Green TPU SBS Inlet Soft Straw
  • Black Polyester Parachute for Runners Drag Increased Adjustable Speed Chute
  • Anti-theft Cell Phone Waistpack Contrast Zipper Closure Buckled Waist Strap
  • Polyester Waistpack Zipper Closure Lined Interior Adjustable Waist Strap
  • Blue Hydration Bladder 2 Liters Tear-resistant TPU Material with Drinking Tube
  • Green Hydration Bladder for Outdoor Sports 2 Liters Non-toxic TPU Material
  • Sports Waist Pack for Runners LED Safety Strip Elastic Spandex Nylon Storage
  • LED Armband Wrist Strap Night Running 5 Colors 3 Modes Outdoor Nylon and Battery
  • Nylon Cell Phone Waistpack Zippered Pocket Side Release Buckle Clasp
  • Water-proof Cell Phone Waistpack Zipper Closure Adjustable Waist Strap
  • Black Waistpack for iPhone 5S Zipper Closure Adjustable Waist Strap Waterproof
  • Sports Hydration Bladder 2 Liters Plastics with Drinking Tube Blue Color
  • Small Outdoor Water Bladder 480ml Lightweight Plastic Polymer with Carabiner
  • 2L Foldable Drinking Water Bag with EVA Graduation Soft Straw 0.5mm Thickness
  • Water-proof Adjustable Sports Waistpack Front Zippered Pocket for Cell Phone
  • Elastic Waistpack Zipper Closure Adjustable Waist Strap Waterproof Design
  • 3L Drinking Water Bag with Army Green EVA Soft Straw 0.5mm Thickness
Product Description
  • LED armband increases your visibility at night
  • Feature three lighting modes: constant lighting, quick flashing and slow flashing
  • The strap is adjustable so it will fit different arms of human beings


Type LED armband
Model OutdoorLantern1010
Color options Red, orange, yellow, blue, green
Material Nylon
Battery 2 × CR2032 button cell
Switch Pushbutton
Lighting modes Constant lighting, quick flashing, slow flashing
Lighting time 60-80hours
Product code OYWCH0250
Armband length 28-32cm
Armband width 2.5cm
Net weight 60g
1 × LED armband

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