Imixbox Lightweight Black/Gray/White Voile Scarf with All-Over Printed Skulls

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  • Imixbox Colorful Jute Scarf with All-Over Printed Flowers 190cm Length
  • Imixbox Pleated Chiffon Scarf with Two-Tone Body 160cm Length 60cm Width
  • Korean Style Voile Scarf Green/Blue Abstract Prints 160cm Length 105cm Width
  • Imixbox Chinese Style Scarf with Printed Lotus Leaves Yellow/Green/Grey Voile
  • Imixbox Blue/Orange/Creamy Chiffon Scarf with Printed Big Flowers 165cm Length
  • Imixbox Blue/Cyan/Yellow Chiffon Scarf with All-Over Printed Sun Wheels
  • Creamy/Green/Black/White Chiffon Scarf with Printed Stars Moons/Zebras Hearts
  • Imixbox Colorful Woolen Scarf with Fringes Checkers 200cm Length 65cm Width
  • Dark Green/Red/Burgundy/Orange Wrap Scarf with Fringes Checkers 200cm Length
  • Imixbox Long Scarf with Yellow/Pink/Rose/Orange Cotton Contrast Black Trim
  • Imixbox Pink/Gray/Coffee Chiffon Scarf with Sparse and Dense Leopard Prints
  • Imixbox Cotton Scarf with Light/Deep Leopard Pattern 180cm Length 110cm Width
  • Imixbox All-Over Printed Scarf with Two-Color Options Comfortable Cotton
  • Voile Scarf with Red/Purple/Black/White/Deep Coffee/Light Coffee Leopard Prints
  • Imixbox Orange Chiffon Scarf with Printed Statement Patterns 160cm Length
Product Description

Category: Scarf

Brand: Imixbox     

Fabric: Voile (50-percent cotton, 50-percent fiber)

Color options: Black/white/gray
Dimensions: Approximately 160 x 50cm

Length: 135 - 175cm

Packaging: Scarfx 1

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