Entry-level Refractor Telescope 50mm Aperture Lens with Two Optional Eyepieces


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Product Description
  • A great entry-level refractor telescope for beginners
  • 50mm aperture lens collects enough light from the night sky for wonderful views of stars
  • Includes two eyepieces for viewing at 60x or 18x magnification through the telescope


Type Refractor telescope
Model TelescopeBinoculars1012
Color Silver/black
Material Metal
Focal length 360mm
Optical diameter 50mm
Magnification 60x, 18x With 1.5x anascope: 90x, 27x
Theoretical resolution 2.000 seconds of arc
Zenith mirror 90 degrees
Product code OYWCH0287
Dimensions 44 × 21 × 10cm
Net weight 1000g

1 × Refractor telescope

1 × Pouch

2 × Eyepieces (H16mm, H20mm)

1 × 1.5x anascope

1 × 38cm tripod


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