4-piece Magnetic Oval Balls with Sound-making Magnetic Blocks Toy Set

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Product Description
  • Help kids experience the existence and change of the magnet field directly
  • Inspire creativity and imagination
  • Activate learning interest
Type Magnetic toys
Material Magnet
Applicable ages Ages 3 years and up
Features After thrown up, the four magnetic oval balls attract each other in the air, making crisp snake-like sound. But it is not easy to make it without enough practice and skills. It can not only help kids experience the existence and change of the magnet field directly, but also help them express its physic features vividly and specifically. Besides, it can activate kids learning interest, focus their attention, and inspire thinking and imagination
Set includes 4 pieces
Product code TYWC10035
Dimensions before packaging 1.5 X 3.5 (cm)
Dimensions after packaging 7.5 X 11 (cm)
Weight 57 g
4 X magnetic oval balls

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