2-in-1 LED Camping Ceiling Fan 18 LED Beads with Hanging Hook 6 Hours Lighting


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  • LED Camping Lantern 60 LED Beads Waterproof with Hanging Hook
  • Plastic Outdoor Light Stick Long Lasting Glowing Emergency Caution Light
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  • LED Camping Light 60 LED Beads Round Shape Three Lighting Modes with Hook
  • LED Card Light Bulb ABS Material Flip up Bulb to Turn on Light White Color
  • LED Light Stick Flashlight/Glow Stick/Flashing Modes with Whistle Plastics
  • LED Camping Lantern 150 Lumens 7 LED Beads ABS Material Compact with Hook
  • LED Camping Lantern Retractable Foldable with Hook Blue/Red/Yellow
  • LED Camping Lantern 7 LED Beads Solar Power Charge Turning Hand Crank to Charge
  • LED Work Light Soap Shape 24-LED Primary Light with 3-LED Secondary Light
  • Compact LED Camping Light 7 LED Beads White Light IP65 Waterproof Solar Powered
  • Handheld LED Camping Lantern Omni-directional 360-degree Illumination
  • LED Camping Light 41 LED Beads Round Shape Waterproof Design ABS Material
  • 12-LED Camping Lantern with 5-LED Flashlight Elastic Hook ABS Material
  • LED Camping Lantern White/Red Light Waterproof Cold Resistant Micro USB Charging
  • Tapered LED Camping Lantern 12 LED Beads with Flashing Light Mode ABS Housing
  • LED Work Light 30-LED Primary Light 7-LED Flashlight with Magnet and Hook
Product Description
  • This LED camping ceiling fan offers effective lighting with powerful and reliable cooling source
  • A must-have for your outdoor activities
  • Long LED beads life span up to 100,000 hours


Type LED camping ceiling fan
Model OutdoorLantern1041
Color Black
Material Plastics
LED bead numbers 18
Battery 2 × D battery
Luminance 12000MCD
Continuous lighting time 6 hours
Irradiation diameter 6m
LED life span 100,000 hours
Product code OYWCH0276
Dimensions 167 × 184mm
Fan diameter 14.5cm
Net weight 600g
1 × LED camping ceiling fan

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