120-Color Eyeshadow Palette with Super Shimmer Glossy and Matte Powder

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Product Description

Product name: 120-color super shimmery eyeshadow palette




There are 120 colors, roughly half glossy and half matte. Besides, there are also approximately 10-20 glittery eyeshadows for better adornment. Warm and cool colors are thoroughly collected in the two-layer palette. Rich colors, fine powder, smooth touch and elegant shades make your eyes radiant and brilliant. Easy to apply colors, and fade slowly. As the choice for professional stylists, it is a comprehensive gift for both makeup artists and amateurs.


Dimensions and weight:



Case: 22.6 x 15 x 17cm

Pan: 1.8cm in diameter


Weight: 0.35kg


Packaging details:


1 x 120-color super shimmery eyeshadow palette

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