Workout of 7 Minutes to Burn Fat for Up to 48 Hours 1

Workout of 7 Minutes to Burn Fat for Up to 48 Hours

The training of 7 minutes is excellent to burn fat and lose belly, being a great option to lose weight with health because it is a type of activity of high intensity, which significantly improves the functioning of heart.

Only 1 workout in 7 minutes is able to burn fat for 48 hours because these exercises speed up the metabolism, so you burn fat even when you are resting.

The high-intensity exercises are ideal for those who have little time to exercise and do not like activities monotonous, such as running on the treadmill or biking, for example. In addition, this workout can be done at home, without spending money in the academy and the results can be seen quickly.

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How to do the workout in 7 minutes

To lose fat for up to 48 hours should do at least 1 of the fiscal year indicated below, in a very intense way, doing at least 25 reps, and repeat the exercise 4 times. The exercises to have the desired effect should be carried out during 7 minutes.

Exercise 1 – Burpee

The burpee is an exercise very complete, which contributes for the expense of a lot of energy, burns calories and increases heart rate, contributing to the burning of localized fat, helping to lose weight.

To do this exercise you will need to scroll down to get your hands on the floor and the feet back, touching the chest on the floor. It is then necessary to climb up by placing your feet forward and jump with your arms above your head.

Exercise 2 – hip Elevation with one leg

The elevation of the hip of one leg only works the back of the thigh and the buttock, helping to strengthen the muscles of this region.

This exercise is very simple, being only necessary to lift the hip and trying to keep the belly well stretched.

Exercise 3 – Lifting of the leg

The lifting of the leg with it bent is a good exercise for toning the abdomen and legs, in addition to burn fat.

To hinder the exercise can put pesinhos at the ankles.

Exercise 4 – Abdominal crunch

The abdominal can be done in different ways, but the abdominal crunch is a good option for fat burning, mainly in the region of the belly.

To make this exercise do this abdominal for 1 minute followed.

Exercise 5 – the Abdominal bicycle

The abdominal bicycle exercise in addition to abdominal region, the legs because it is necessary to track the rotation of the torso with the legs.

The faster the exercise is performed more effect it has and the greater is the loss of body fat.

In addition to these 5 exercises you can also do other that have the same effect, as the board or the squat. See other great exercises to do at home and burn fat.

How to get the best results from training

To complement the training fat loss it is important to have a diet rich in foods thermogenic like coffee and cinnamon, because they are those that increase body temperature and accelerate the metabolism, thereby contributing to the expenditure of more energy and fats.

This diet should be planned by a nutritionist so as to be adapted to the individual needs, Here is a list of foods thermogenic that facilitate weight loss.

Workout of 7 Minutes to Burn Fat for Up to 48 Hours 1