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Why Use Cloth Diapers?

The use of diapers is inevitable in children up to about 2 years of age, because they are not yet able to identify the will to go in the bathroom.

The use of cloth diapers is an excellent option mainly because they are very comfortable, prevent allergies, skin and diaper rash and help to save money because they are reusable once washed. These diapers can be used for all babies and can be bought different shapes and sizes.

However, these diapers also feature some disadvantages as the need of washing more clothes, spending more water, for example. Therefore, it is important to be informed about all the features of diapers to decide whether to adapt to your life.

What are cloth diapers modern?

The cloth diapers modern diaper that can be used many times because they can be washed and used again.

These diapers are comfortable fabric, such as cotton, avoiding diaper rash in the baby and has a different format from the old cloth diapers. To experience you can buy for between 3 and 6 diapers to assess if you like the investment, and if you think it’s worth it, you can buy more.

Why use cloth diapers?

Although the initial investment to be higher in the end, it is cheaper to use cloth diapers because these can be used many times, up to about 800 uses, after you have washed. In addition, it has more advantages such as:

  • Decrease chances of diaper rashand the installation of microbes in the buttocks of the baby;
  • Reusable, and can be used by another baby;
  • Less likely to cause allergiesin the baby by does not contain those chemical substances that are used in disposable diapers, which keep baby’s skin dry for a longer time;
  • Friends of the environment, because it is not necessary to cut so many trees for their production.

In addition, the cloth diapers dry quickly because they are cotton and allow the skin to breathe.

What can be the disadvantages of these diapers?

Although excellent advantages, these diapers also have some negative points such as:

  • Need to be washed after each use, wasting more water and electricity;
  • You must withdraw the excess poop from the diapers before washing, so they must be transported to reach the house;
  • It is necessary to buy diapers of various sizes, if the diaper is not only size;
  • Can quickly become one with the spots, needing to be exchanged.

In addition, it is necessary to make a large initial investment because it can be necessary to buy between 15 to 20 diapers at once, because each new born baby needs 10 to 12 diapers per day.

When should I change the nappy?

The diaper cloth, while it is reusable and must be replaced whenever the baby is dirty, because the humidity causes skin problems and diaper rash that cause pain and much discomfort.

When, the child sleeps for a long time, it is necessary to strengthen the nappy, placing a sheet of biodegradable paper, which can be bought in the same location for these new cloth diapers.

Where to buy cloth diapers?

There are shops with products for babies that sell cloth diapers. In addition, you can also buy over the internet in online stores. There are cloth diapers that the mother has to mold to the body of the baby and others that already have the shape of old pants plastic.

How to wash your cloth diapers?

The diapers can be wash in machine or by hand. For washing should remove the excess pee and poop with a brush, playing in the toilet and let the diaper soak for some time, for which the following can be washed in the tank or in the machine.

In a diaper with velcro you should protect the region, turning the diaper to the contrary, before you put the nappy in the machine and, should dry in the shade for the fabric not to fade. Another important caution with these diapers is to pass an iron not very hot and do not iron, so as not to spoil the region waterproof.

Why Use Cloth Diapers 1