What You Should Have in Your Bag of Mommy in the Hospital 1
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What You Should Have in Your Bag of Mommy in the Hospital

Sweatshirts-appropriate breastfeeding, bathrobe, or strap postpartum are some of the essential items that the bag of the mom to the hospital should contain, so that in time of great moment, nothing is lacking.

The time of the arrival of the baby is very important and expected by all mothers, and so to avoid stress and nervousness unnecessary it is important to have all the things prepared so as to avoid the unexpected. It is advised to have the bags mom and baby ready from 36 weeks of gestation, a time that the labor can always start at any time after this time.

What to put in the suitcase for the Hospital

The trousseau of the mother to the hospital must contain various items, such as:

  • 2 shirts suitable for breastfeeding, with an opening at the level of the chest;
  • 1 bathrobe or robe;
  • 1 strap post-partum indicated by the doctor;
  • 2 bras suitable for breastfeeding. These must be purchased in the last month of pregnancy;
  • Moisturiser and protector for the nipples;
  • Disks for breastfeeding or absorbent to keep nipples dry;
  • 3 or 4 panties sewing high, comfortable post-birth;
  • Socks if necessary;
  • Slippers for the bathroom and to the room;
  • 1 pack absorbent night to contain the large amount of blood lost in postpartum;
  • Some toiletries, such as towels, soap, mirror, lipstick, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, cotton swabs, shampoo, or fabric softener, for example;
  • Comfortable clothes, simple dress and loose-fitting to the exit of the hospital.

To prevent forgetfulness, it is important to confirm all of the items in this list, and these should be placed in a medium-sized suitcase that is easy to carry along in the trunk of the trousseau of the baby. The two bags should be kept together, preferably in an easy location to access.

In addition, other items less essential that you can also prepare to take includes glasses and camera to record all the first moments of your baby and a souvenir and ornament of the door.

What You Should Have in Your Bag of Mommy in the Hospital 1