What to Buy for the Arrival of the Baby 1
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What to Buy for the Arrival of the Baby

You already bought everything for your seed? Cot, seat, stroller, clothes, shoes or bib, are some of the important items that should come in the list of things to buy for the baby that is on the way.

Prepare the trousseau of the baby is a very important period for the parents because this way they can prepare to receive the new member of the family, and at the same time mentalizam that your life will change. This is a task that may not be as easy as it seems, since there are many items that need to be purchased. So, to help parents in this task to buy and prepare everything for the arrival of the baby, here is a small list to make a baby layette basic.

The that can not miss in layette baby

1. Furniture

The furniture is one of the important things of the trousseau of the baby, being needed: cot, musketeer, exchanger, chair or sofa to breastfeed, cabinet, coffee table support, or moses.

2. Products for Free

The products to make the hygiene of the baby are another very important item of the list, being necessary to: cream of the baking box of cotton swabs, brush or comb, earwig, alcohol, cotton, wet wipes, mild soap, shampoo, thermometer, bath tub, towel, disposable diapers and cloth, bag average to load the products to the exchanges of the baby out of the house.

To calculate the number of diapers necessary for your baby, try our calculator. To begin with choice as to how much time the diaper you need to: weeks, months, or for the baby shower:

3. Clothes

The clothes of the baby should be comfortable and easy to exchange in seedlings of the diaper, being recommended in: shirts pagan, overalls – with and without sleeve, t-shirts, cueiros, sets with coat, hat, socks and slipper, bib, blankets, blanket, sheets and pillow cases, protective cradle, pillow.

4. Power

For the feeding of the baby, there are a few items that are needed such as: baby bottle, chuquinha, pacifier, plate, cutlery, cup with handle.

5. Cart baby

At the time of purchase the cart from the baby, it is necessary to take into consideration the comfort, strength and practicality of the cart, and the price is also a factor very important, since there are strollers which can be quite costly. There are a few types of carts that are very practical because they come in conjunction with the seat of the car, being able to use the same basis in the two situations. In addition, there are also trolleys which are suitable for different ages, the causes that are adapted to monitor the baby’s growth.

Before you purchase the cart, you should always try to take a walk with him to the store, to ensure that it is lightweight and easy to maneuver and has all the features you need.

This small list for the layette of the baby serves as a guide for parents, and it is important to remember that it can be adapted in accordance with the financial conditions.

In addition, all the clothes, blankets, sheets, blankets, pillowcases or blankets must first be washed before being used by the baby should be taken from all the labels. To prepare the clothes for the baby, these should be washed alone with detergents suitable for baby without enzymes and softeners are soft, and must be dried inside the house to avoid contact with pollution and dust from the outside.

What to Buy for the Arrival of the Baby 1