What Is the Aerobic Exercise on an Empty Stomach (Aej) and How to Do It 1

What Is the Aerobic Exercise on an Empty Stomach (Aej) and How to Do It

The aerobic exercise in the fasting, also known as the AEJ, is a training method used by many people with the goal of losing weight faster. This exercise should be done at low intensity, and is typically done in the fast immediately after waking up. The AEJ has as principle to make the body use the fat reserves to generate energy, because during the fasting, glucose reserves have been exhausted.

This type of training is still under study and is very discussed among the professionals because it can lead to an imbalance in the body, such as discomfort or hypoglycemia, without necessarily be slimming. Even the breakdown of proteins and, consequently, loss of muscle mass can happen. To solve this issue, some people opt to take some kind of supplementation, such as the BCAA, which is a supplement composed of amino acids able to prevent muscle loss, however it may disregard the fasting.

How to make

The aerobic exercise in fasting should be done early in the morning, no consumption of supplements, such as BCAA, and must have low intensity, being recommended a hike of more or less 45 minutes. It is important to drink water before, during and after exercise and avoid carrying it all day or for an extended period, as the AEJ loses its efficiency in the long term.

Advantages and disadvantages of the AEJ

The AEJ should take into consideration several issues for that can be advantageous for the person. To have satisfactory results, one should take into account the type of food, trends hipoglicêmicas, cardiovascular conditions, and physical conditioning.

Some advantages of the AEJ are:

  • The food is processed more quickly because there is a decrease of production and increase the sensitivity of body to insulin;
  • Increase in muscle mass, because there is a stimulation in the production of growth hormone, GH;
  • Increase in caloric expenditure;
  • Fat loss, as the body begins to use fat as the first source of energy.

Although it has several advantages, it is important to avoid to perform the aerobic training on fasting every day, as it is a method not efficient in the long term, once the body can be brought to a power-saving state, in which there is decreased energy expenditure during the exercise. Thus, some disadvantages of the AEJ are:

  • Motivation during aerobic exercise;
  • Decrease of performance in the exercise;
  • Imbalance in the body;
  • Greater chance of developing diseases;
  • Sickness;
  • Fainting;
  • Dizziness;
  • Hypoglycemia – See what are the symptoms of hypoglycemia and what to do;
  • Loss of muscle mass by the increase of the breaking of proteins, in the case of exercises carried out in the fasting with high intensity.

For the gender aerobic fasting has many benefits, it is necessary to be indicated and accompanied by a professional, because it depends heavily on the characteristics of the person.

The aerobic workout fasting makes you lose weight?

If the training is performed with low intensity on alternate days with professional guidance, yes. The AEJ is based on the fact that in fasting, the body uses all of the stock of glucose to maintain the functions of the organism, and therefore it is easier for the body to utilize the stocks of fat to generate energy for the physical activity first thing in the morning.

However, this type of training proves to be more effective in those people who have a diet with a low amount of calories, you already have the physical fitness that the body naturally unable to use fat as primary energy source. In addition, there may be weight loss of fact with the exercise of fasting, it is important to drink water before and during exercise and perform activity of low intensity, such as taking a walk for example, for a period of more or less 40 minutes.

If the exercise performed in the fasting has a very high intensity, such as racing intervaladas or HIIT, there may be loss of muscle mass, and even dizziness, fainting, or dizziness.

What is the best way to lose weight?

It is proven scientifically that weight loss is directly related to the balanced diet, the duration and intensity of the exercises.

The aerobic exercise in the fasting, despite the potential to increase the use of fat to generate energy, is more associated to the loss of muscle mass, which in fact to weight loss, since many people end up doing this kind of exercise without a proper guidance. See what are the best exercises to lose weight and how to have a healthy diet.

What Is the Aerobic Exercise on an Empty Stomach (Aej) and How to Do It 1