What Is Muscle Hypertrophy and How It Happens 1

What Is Muscle Hypertrophy and How It Happens

Muscle hypertrophy corresponds to the increase in muscle mass which is the result of the balance between three factors: the practice of intense physical exercise, proper diet, and rest. Hypertrophy can be achieved by any person, provided that you follow a training plan appropriate for your goal, you have a correct nourishment and rest your muscle groups at least 24 hours before you work them again, as the hypertrophy does not occur during training, but during rest.

The process of hypertrophy should be accompanied by a physical education professional qualified, in addition to a nutritionist so that the food is in accordance with the training and that the person does not suffer any consequences, as for example cramps or change in the functioning of some organs. See 10 of the best foods to gain muscle mass.

As it happens

During exercise muscles suffer small injuries to the fibers and, after training, the body begins to replenish and repair the muscle fibers is lost or damaged, promoting the increase of muscle size. The process of “injury” of the muscle fibers is due to the muscular stress, which may be due to overload, or be due to the exercises carried out with a load more than the muscles are accustomed, inducing a process of adaptation and muscle results in hypertrophy.

The process of stress can also be noticed due to the burning sensation of muscle during or after the completion of the exercise. This happens due to the swelling of the muscle cells because of the accumulation of blood, glycogen, and other substances in its interior, which stimulates the increase of muscle mass. Check out some tips for gaining muscle mass.

How to do the workout for hypertrophy

Training for hypertrophy must be established by a physical education professional qualified in accordance with the characteristics of the person. Normally, this type of workout is done in an intense way, at least 3 times per week and as the use of high load, to maximize the process of hypertrophy. Check out a complete workout to gain muscle mass.

Not only hypertrophy, but the practice of physical exercises in general have a number of benefits, such as increased physical stamina, decrease body fat percentage, disease prevention and the improvement of the capacity of cardiorespiratory. It is important that the exercises for hypertrophy to work the body as a whole, but with a rest of at least 24 hours for the muscle group worked can be recovered.

A common error in the gyms when it comes to hypertrophy is men to train only upper body and only women the lower limbs. In the long term, this can result in asymmetry of the body, pain in the back and, in the case of men who do not train legs, can result in problems, osteoarticular, since the leg is responsible for the support of the body.

The process of hypertrophy is slow, and the first results appear after 6 months. Therefore, it is important to persist in exercise and in eating.

What to eat to gain muscle mass

The diet for hypertrophy must be made by a nutritionist, and consists in the consumption of more calorie than you spend, and is usually rich in protein, therefore aid in the process of recovery of the muscle fibers.

It is also important to consume carbohydrates and good fats for which is generated the energy for the workout can be done in an intense way and the person still has available throughout the day.

What Is Muscle Hypertrophy and How It Happens 1