What Is Kinesio Tape and How to Use 1

What Is Kinesio Tape and How to Use

Kinesio Tape is an adhesive tape special that is placed by the physiotherapist or coach to speed up the recovery from an injury or to stabilize joints and preserve muscle, tendons or ligaments, during the workout or competition, for example. The tapes, Kinesio tape is often used by athletes during the competitions, but can be used by any person in the rehabilitation phase, and serves to:

  • To improve the performance in practice;
  • Improve local blood circulation;
  • To lessen the impact on your joints, without limiting the movements;
  • Give a best support in the affected joint;
  • To decrease the pain at the site of the injury;
  • Increase proprioception, which is the perception of your own body;
  • Decrease the local swelling.

However, the use of the adhesive tapes should be part of treatment that also includes muscle strengthening and stretching exercises, and other techniques to prevent and combat injuries. Here are some options: what to do to combat the muscle fatigue.

How to use Kinesio Tape

Although any person can get benefits with the use of this bandage functional, they must be placed by a physical therapist, doctor or coach physical location of the injury in order to offer a better support, to avoid the pain and decrease muscle fatigue. These adhesive strips can be placed in the form of X, V, I, or in the form of a spider web, depending on the purpose of treatment. The tape is made with materials hypoallergenic and must be exchanged at least every 4 days, not being necessary to remove her to take a shower. Its price varies between 25 and 50 dollars, and can also be used by people who do not practice any kind of sport.

What Is Kinesio Tape and How to Use 1