Walk Helps to Lose Weight Up to 2 Kg per Week 1

Walk Helps to Lose Weight Up to 2 Kg per Week

The walk makes you lose weight, improves blood circulation, posture and helps to lose belly. The brisk walk can burn up to 400 calories in 1 hour, which means that a person can lose up to 0.5 kg per week only with this exercise.

When the walk is done in a regular manner and associated with a diet prescribed by a nutritionist according to the purpose of the person, the weight loss promoted by the walk is increased. Learn how to do a training walk to lose weight.

The walk also has other health benefits, such as reduction of cholesterol, increased bone mass and decreased risk of diabetes. In addition, it is indicated for individuals of all ages and physical conditions, as long as you respect its limitations. Learn about the benefits of walking.

Tips to lose weight with walking

If the purpose of the walk is slimming, it is important to follow some recommendations, such as for example:

  • Focus on breathing during the walk, inspiring through the nose and exhaling through the mouth to a natural rhythm, avoiding depriving the body of oxygen;
  • Walk at least 30 minutes per day 3 to 4 times per week and maintain regular physical activity;
  • Vary the intensity and speed of the walk;
  • To avoid the monotony of the route, seeking to vary the route. Exercising outdoors is great, because it increases the energy levels and allows the body to burn more calories;
  • Wear clothes and footwear suitable for physical activity;
  • To associate the pleasure of physical activities through music, for example, making the exercise more pleasurable and increasing the feeling of well-being;
  • During the walk it is important to make that the whole body is worked, moving the arms in accordance with the bruised, twitching in the abdomen, stuffing the chest and keeping the tips of the feet a little elevated.

Before the walk it is interesting to warm up the body, preparing the muscles for activity and prevents injuries. The heating should be done in the form of dynamic, with little jumping, for example. After the activity, it is important to stretch to reduce the risk of cramping, and the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles. See what are the benefits of heating and stretching.

What to eat to increase weight loss

To promote weight loss promoted for walking, it is important to follow a diet rich in fiber, vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods and seeds, such as chia and flaxseed, for example. In addition, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of fats and sugars in addition to processed products rich in calories, like chips, soda, processed food and frozen processed meats, such as sausage, sausage, and bacon, for example. Get to know the fruit which lose weight and your calories.

During the walk, it is recommended to drink water to keep hydrated, and after physical activity to perform a small meal containing carbohydrates and protein, such as low-fat yogurt with 5 crackers, corn starch, or natural juice of the fruit with bread and cheese, for example.

Walk Helps to Lose Weight Up to 2 Kg per Week 1