Training Race 5 and 10 Km in 5 Weeks 1

Training Race 5 and 10 Km in 5 Weeks

Start the race by traveling small distances is important for the body to adjust to the new pace and gain strength without getting overwhelmed and without suffering injury, and it is important to also do endurance workouts to strengthen the muscles, such as weight training.

Thus, the ideal is to start with light walks that alternate walking, sped up, or hoaxes, and remember to always warm up and stretch well around the body before starting the workout because it prepares the muscles and the tendons to resist to physical activity.

A caution, that we should have to get a job, race are with the repetitive stress injuries , so it is important to work muscle-strengthening legs , core and upper members , which in addition to the strengthening that protect the joints and will increase muscle mass and decreasing the sagging unwanted

Run 5 km in 5 weeks

The following table shows how should be the evolution of training to run 5 km.

It is normal at the beginning of the practice experience pain on the side of the abdomen, also known as calf pain or pain of the fagot, as it appears due to the lack of resistance of the body and the lack of rhythm in breathing. See how to keep the correct breathing here.

Run 10 km in 5 weeks

To start training to run 10 km, it is important to already do at least 30 minutes of running 3 to 4 times per week, because the body is already stronger and the muscles are more strong to withstand the injuries.

Even fatigue does not appear, and that the activity does not wear the body, it is important to respect the pace of the workouts to prevent injuries in the muscles and on the knees, since the progressive increase of the pace strengthens and increases the resistance of the body.

If you have already achieved your goal, now see how to prepare for run 15 km here.

How to accelerate the strength gain

To speed up the strength gain and endurance, you should include climbs on the course of the training, and to improve the physical fitness and speed up the recovery of muscles, it is important to intersperse periods of jogging during physical activity.

In addition, changing between running and walking also works to activate the burning of calories and help in weight loss. See how to do the workout in order to burn fat.

How to choose the running shoes right

To choose the running shoes right for running it is important to know the type of passed. If the foot touches the ground straight, the stride is neutral, but if the foot touches the ground with the inner part, the last is pronated, and if it is with the external part, the last chin-up.

There are shoes specific to each type of the past, as they help to readjust the position of the foot, in addition to being important to evaluate the weight of the shoes, the comfort and whether or not it is waterproof, mainly for people that usually run in humid environments or in the rain.

Training Race 5 and 10 Km in 5 Weeks 1