Training Moderate to Burn Fat 1

Training Moderate to Burn Fat

A great workout to burn fat in just 30 minutes per day is the training HIIT, since it combines several high-intensity exercises that increase the muscle work, eliminating quickly the fat and toning the body faster and more fun.

This type of training should be introduced gradually and, therefore, should be divided into 3 phases, stage light, intermediate and advanced to allow for a gradual adaptation to the intensity of the exercise, avoiding contractures, stretch and tendonitis, for example. Thus, it is advised to start at the stage light and proceed to the next phase after 1 month.

Before you start any phase of training HIIT is recommended to do at least 5 minutes of run or walk to properly prepare the heart, muscles, and joints for exercise.

If you are going to start the workout, first see the stage light in: light Training to burn fat.

How to do the training through HIIT

The intermediate stage of training HIIT should be initiated about 1 month after start the light workout, or when you already have some physical preparation and should be done 4 times per week, allowing that there is at least one day of rest between each training day.

Thus, in each training day is recommended to do 5 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise, resting about 90 seconds between each series and the minimum amount of time possible between the exercises.

Exercise 1: Push-ups with card balance

The bending card balance is a high-intensity exercise that develops in a short time the muscular strength of the arms, chest, and abdominal, toning especially the obliques muscles. To do this type of bending should be:

  1. Put the card balance under the chest and lie on the floor with the belly down;
  2. Grab the sides of the plate to keep the hands apart to the width of the shoulders.
  3. Lift the belly off the floor and keep the body straight, supporting the weight on the knees and hands;
  4. Bend the arms up to touch the chest near the board and move up, pushing the ground with the force of arms.

During this exercise it is important to avoid that the hip is below the line of the body to avoid back injuries, it is important to keep the abdominal muscles well contracted throughout the exercise.

In addition, if it is not possible to use a card of balance, the exercise can be adapted, by bending without the plate on the floor, but by moving the body in the direction of the right hand, then in the center and, finally, in the direction of the left hand.

Exercise 2: Squat with weight

The squat weight is an exercise very complete to increase the muscle mass in the legs, buttocks, abdominal, lumbar and hip. To do a squat the correct form should be:

  1. Keep the legs apart to shoulder width apart and holding a weight with the hands;
  2. Bend your legs and bring the back hip, until forming an angle of 90 degrees with the knees, and then climb.

The squat with weight can also be done holding a bottle of water with hands. In this way, it is possible to increase the intensity of the exercise according to the amount of water from the bottle.

Exercise 3: Triceps with chair

The exercise triceps with chair is an excellent training intensity able to develop, in a short time, all the muscles of the arms. This exercise should be done in the following way:

  1. Sit on the floor in front of a chair without wheels;
  2. Put your arms behind your back and hold the front part of the chair with the hands;
  3. Push hands with force and pull the body upwards, lifting the buttocks from the ground;
  4. Climb your butt up to stretch completely the arms and then down without touching it with the butt on the ground.

If it is not possible to use a chair to do this exercise other options include using a table, a bench, the couch or the bed, for example.

Exercise 4: Row with bar

The row-bar is a type of exercise that, when done properly, helps you develop multiple muscle groups, since the back until the arms and abdominal. To do this exercise you should:

  1. Stand upright, bend slightly your legs and tilt the torso forward without bending of the back;
  2. Hold a bar with or without weight, with the arms stretched;
  3. Pull the bar in towards the chest until you form a 90-degree angle with your elbows and then go back to stretch the arms.

To do this exercise is very important to always keep the back well straight to avoid back injuries and, so, the abdominal muscles should be well contracted throughout the exercise.

In addition, if it is not possible to use a bar with weights, a good alternative is to hold a stick of broom and add a bucket at each end, for example.

Exercise 5: Plank modified

The exercise plank abdominal modified is an excellent way to develop all the muscle of the abdominal region without damaging the spine or posture. To do this exercise correctly you should:

  • Lie on the floor belly down and lift the body, supporting the weight on the forearms and the tips of the feet;
  • Keep the body straight and parallel to the floor, his gaze fixed on the ground;
  • Bend one leg at a time and pull it up to near the elbow, without changing the position of the body.

To do any type of plank abdominal is recommended that you keep the abdominal muscles well contracted throughout the exercise, avoiding that the hip is below the line of the body, damaging the column.

Training Moderate to Burn Fat 1