Tips for Storing Scarves

Tips for Storing Scarves

Scarves are great – they make amazing accessories during all seasons. When our collection starts growing, we need to take some time to organize our scarves in order to avoid damaging them. Moreover, we will be able to easily access them whenever we need them. Once we properly organize and store our scarves, we’ll make the most of them.

Preparing Our Scarves

  • Washing

Makeup, food, dust, or body odor can stain our scarves and attract bacteria, causing the material to degrade. In order to prolong the life of our scarves, we should wash them regularly according to the washing instructions on the tag.

Also, before storing them, we need to let our scarves dry completely; that will prevent insect infestation, mold growth, and permanent stains.

  • No direct sunlight

The sun’s rays, especially when they’re strong, can cause discoloration of our scarves. If we expose the material to too much sun, it will fade. So, our storage space should be away from direct sunlight.

Also, if we have pets, we should be careful when choosing a storage area. Our dogs or cats could ruin our scarves with their claws. For this reason, they shouldn’t be able to reach them.

  • Sorting by season or occasion

In order to easily find a scarf that we’re looking for, we should categorize our scarves in groups. For example, winter scarves, fashionable scarves, casual scarves, etc.

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Storage Solutions for Our Scarves

  • Scarf holders

A scarf holder like a hanger with holes or openings is a great storing solution for our scarves. Also, as such, it is an efficient solution for us if we lack space in our wardrobe. With a scarf holder, we can simply hang our scarves without taking up too much space.

However, wool or heavy knit scarves may be too thick and heavy to put on a scarf holder.

  • Drawers

If we have an empty drawer lying around, we can dedicate it to our scarves – that’s an excellent storage unit. We can roll or fold our casual scarves and store them next to each other in a drawer.

However, we should be extra careful with a pashmina or a silk scarf. In order to avoid wrinkles, we need to fold them gently.

  • Hooks

If we have an empty wall, we can install hooks or hanging devices for our scarves. To save as much space as possible, we can line curtain rings along the bar of a coat hanger, put our scarves through the rings, and hang the coat hanger on the hook.

  • Scarf racks

We can install a closet rod on the side or in the back of our wardrobe, creating a unique scarf storage solution. To properly store our scarves, we need to fold them in half, place them over the rod, and pull the ends through the loop.

  • Shoe organizers

For easy access, we can arrange our scarves in the sections of our shoe organizer. We can use either a freestanding or a hanging shoe organizer, depending on the space available. To put our scarves out of sight, we can use an over-the-door shoe organizer and put it in the back of our wardrobe or bedroom door.

  • Storage bins

One of the easiest ways to store our scarves is to use a storage bin. All we need to do is fold our scarves and store them the same way we would in a drawer. We can place the bin wherever we want. To access the scarves easily, we should place the bin near the door or in our wardrobe – that will allow us to get ready quickly.

Any storage bin will work, but we should avoid wicker baskets since the edges could catch our knitted scarves and ruin them forever.

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