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Nail Care Baby

The care of the nails of the baby are very important to prevent the baby scratch, mostly in the face and eyes.

The nails of the baby can be cut soon after birth, and whenever they are large enough to hurt the baby. However, it is recommended to cut the nails of the baby at least 1 time per week.

How to cut the nails of the baby

The nails of the baby should be cut with scissors, as shown in the image 1, and in a move straight out, holding the tip of the finger to the nail become more prominent and not to hurt the baby finger, as shown in image 2.

The nails should not be cut very short because the risk of inflammation is greater. After being cut, the nails should be sanded with a nail file, to eliminate any possible tips. Both the scissors round ended, as well as the sandpaper, should be used only for the baby.

To be easier to cut the nails of the baby, one strategy is to wait for him to fall asleep and cut the nails while he sleeps or while he is nursing.

Care of the ingrown nails of the baby

The care of the ingrown nails of the baby should be made when the area around the ingrown toenail is red, inflamed, and the baby feels pain.

When this happens, you can wet the fingers of the baby in warm water with soap 2 times a day and apply a cream healing, as the Cicalfate of Avène or an anti-inflammatory with corticoids, on the advice of the pediatrician.

If the nail of the baby are inflamed, appear to have pus, the baby has a fever or the redness spread beyond the finger, it means that there is infection, so the baby must immediately go to the pediatrician or to the podologista child for him to indicate what is the best treatment.

To avoid that the nails of the baby encravem, must cut the nails on the move straight, not rounding the corners and avoid putting socks and shoes on tight to the baby.

Nail Care Baby 1