Men’s Clothes for Your Body Type: Tall Men

Unfortunately the standard physical of the photos from editorials and fashion campaigns do not include the acids, the low, and even who is very high, leaving room for those who show these physical characteristics to learn to be inspired by the images published and to adapt the combinations to your physical type. This article is intended to throw a light on precisely this topic and help the man too high to identify the pieces of clothing, patterns, prints and even colors the benefit.

Men’s Clothes for Your Body Type Tall Men

To illustrate better the concept that we intend to pass, let’s use the image above as a base, and assemble outfits with similar parts, but the benefit of those who have height very. So our starting point will be a mesh with horizontal stripes, a white shirt, a pair of cargo bulky and a shoe social brown. Let’s go to options:

Examples of combinations of clothes for tall men

Be too high can be a problem if your clothes make you look like a monolith! The idea here is to use everything you can to slice your silhouette as much as possible to still leave it full-bodied.

Look Left – The mesh cable knit set above is a perfect example, in addition to its design that helps create an extra volume, because your torso colored in 3 parts, the jeans with plenty of washing, effects and tear also contributes to this task, and the boots parruda, with soles tratorado, still gives you the option to put the pants on the inside, shortening the legs.

Look Right – The vest of nylon is a great way to increase the volume of the waist up, as well as the sweater with broad stripes. The pants cargo “bold”, forbidden for many, this released to someone who is six feet tall and so many, since it thickens the leg, and the boot with the thick sole keeps the harmony of the costume.

Note: in both examples it is important to keep the color contrast to cut the silhouette, including with the use of colourful belts in canvas, lace or nylon. The scarf fits in either of the two examples, and also contributes to encorpar.

The fundamental pieces

– Suits 3 buttons, traditional cut and the lapel wide, but the tie can’t be skinny in this case. Standard pinstriped makes you look like a giant, already the window pane discreet and the prince of Wales are good for your body type.

– Shirts social may have collar Italian, more open and less pointed than the English, the casual can have trims and details at the chest and shoulders to draw attention to your face and to give greater dimension to this area.

– Dress shoes with ways parrudas and soles thick work very well, running shoes and casual also. Avoid sapatênis, because they generally are very low, and look for style models Nike SB, Vans , and other brands that produce sneakers of a reasonable size with a sporty style, and urban at the same time. Hicking boots (walking boots) also fulfill this role here, but take care not to look like an explorer of forests lost in the city, combine it with jeans, not with clothing the military or cáquis, for example.

– Jackets and coats with thick fabric will encorpar, the models in the nylon lined (like the vest in the screenshot above) also do the job wonderfully. In the cold, the jackets should not be long, otherwise it will stretch your back too much, and the lapels wide, pockets and flaps help a lot!

– Accessories like scarves are great to leave it full-bodied, as well as the colourful socks, when worn with the bar folded, serve to let the silhouette broken up, and the belts of canvas colored achieve the same effect. Handbags used next to the body also help to make a cut in the back and add volume, while watches with a big case and bracelet thick are the most suitable for the grandalhões.

Fabrics, patterns and prints

– Fabrics like velvet, denim and twill has a trim suitable to whom is very high, both in pants and in jackets, blazers and coats.

– Prints can be large, and in the height of the breast, the patterns continue on the same path: the higher the better. The contrast of colors is very appreciated, since it highlights as well the size of the prints and the patterns.


The jeans upright are more suitable for the altões, but the cut slim fit can benefit your mouth closed to be used on the inside of the boot, which causes a certain shortening. The clothes have to be comfortable, but not baggy, giving the impression of slouch, let the effect of volume is done by the colors, prints, fabrics and textures, not for the leftovers.