Light Workout to Burn Fat 1

Light Workout to Burn Fat

A good workout to burn fat in a short time is the training HIIT which consists of a set of high-intensity exercises that eliminate localized fat in just 30 minutes per day faster and more fun.

This training should be introduced gradually and, therefore, is divided into 3 phases, stage light, moderate, and advanced) to allow for a gradual adaptation of the body to the intensity of the exercise, preventing muscle and joint injuries. Thus, it is advised to advance to the next phase each month to keep the effort and maximize muscle growth.

Before you start any phase of training HIIT is recommended to do 10 minutes of global warming, to prepare the heart, muscles, and joints.

How to do the light workout of HIIT

The phase of light training HIIT is indicated for those who do not train often and should be done 3 times per week, allowing that there is at least one day of rest between each workout.

Thus, on each day of exercise is recommended to do 5 sets of 15 reps of each exercise, resting 2 minutes between each series and the minimum amount of time possible between the exercises.

Exercise 1: Bending with the knees supported

The bending is a type of exercise that helps to increase the muscle strength of the arms and toning the belly. To do the bending you should:

  1. Lie on the floor with the belly down;
  2. Place the palms of your hands on the ground and pushed away at the level of the shoulders.
  3. Lift the belly off the floor and keep the body straight, supporting the weight on the knees and hands;
  4. Bend the arms up to touch your chest to the ground and climb up, pushing the ground with the force of arms;

During this exercise it is important to avoid that the hip is below the line of the body to avoid back injuries, and therefore it is important to keep the abdominal muscles contracted throughout the exercise.

Exercise 2: Squats with ball

The exercise of squats with a ball is important to developing muscle mass and flexibility of the legs, abdominal, gluteal, lumbar and hip. To do the squat properly you should:

  1. Place a ball of Pilates between your back and a wall;
  2. Keep legs apart at shoulder width and put your hands to the front;
  3. Bend your legs and bring the back hip, until forming an angle of 90 degrees with the knee, and then climb.

The squat with ball can also be done by holding a weight next to your chest, if it is not possible to use a ball of Pilates, however, in this case one should not be leaning against a wall.

Exercise 3: Extension of the arms with elastic

The extension of the arms with elastic is a great way to increase the muscle strength of the muscles of the arms, especially the bícepes and the trícepes. To do this exercise you should:

  1. Put one end of the elastic under the heels and hold the other end with one hand behind his back;
  2. Stretch the arm that is holding on to the elastic band, keeping the elbow motionless, and then return to the initial position;
  3. Switch arm after the 15 repetitions.

To do this exercise it is recommended to use an elastic band with sufficient length to reach from the feet up to the shoulders without that is stretched. However, if it is not possible to use the stretch you can hold a weight with the hand of the arm that is behind your back.

Exercise 4: Bridge elevation

The exercise of the bridge with elevation helps to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, back and butt, and to be done the correct form should be:

  1. Lie on the floor with the hands along the body, with the legs bent and slightly apart;
  2. Lift your butt as much as possible, without moving your feet and return to starting position.

To increase the intensity of this exercise it is possible to place a step or a stack of books under his feet.

Exercise 5: Plank front

The board front is an excellent exercise to work all muscle of the abdominal region without damaging the spine or posture.

Light Workout to Burn Fat 1