Learn What Are the Risks of Bodybuilding for Health 1

Learn What Are the Risks of Bodybuilding for Health

The practice of bodybuilding has many health risks that include laceration of the muscles, tendons and ligaments due to the excess amount of workout, in addition to hypertension, hormonal deregulation and cancer of the kidney or liver due to the use of hormones such as Winstrol and GH, and anabolic steroids. Bodybuilding is characterized by a style of life where a person trains heavy every day, striving for more than 3 hours per day, in search of the fat burning up to the minimum possible, and greater muscle definition as possible, causing his physical form is that of a person who is very muscular that does not seem to have any fat on your body. In addition, the fans of bodybuilding, usually participate in the championships of the statement of your body through poses that better show their muscles hard, sculpted. This practice can be followed by men and women and requires a lot of dedication because in addition to the intense training of bodybuilding, it is necessary to take supplements to gain more muscle mass as BCAA’s and Glutamine, and many take anabolic steroids, although this is not a good option for health and need to follow a diet that is rich in protein and low in fats, daily for long months, which requires persistence and dedication.

The main risks of bodybuilding for health

The excessive caution with the physical form perfect, it is the main life goal of bodybuilders and achieve the body of your dreams, these fans can make options that are less healthy, damaging their health, developing anemia and nutritional deficiencies. Days before the competition the bodybuilder can stop eating salt, take diuretics and not drinking water, only sports drinks for ‘dry’ and decrease the concentration of water in the interstitial tissue, enhancing the muscles. The rate of body fat of a healthy adult and don’t have any fold of fat is 18%, however, bodybuilders are able to get only 3 or 5%, which is very dangerous for health. As women have naturally less muscles than men, they tend to take more anabolic steroids, hormones and diuretics to help support muscle growth, which leaves the women even more prone to the risks of this lifestyle. So, contrary to what is thought popularly to be the athlete of the competition of bodybuilding or any other sport is not a healthy option because the intensity of the workouts, supplementation and diet, although they are essential to achieve the goal of being a champion, may not be the best choices for the health in the long term.

Learn What Are the Risks of Bodybuilding for Health 1