Learn to Identify Your Body Type to Lose Weight More Easily 1

Learn to Identify Your Body Type to Lose Weight More Easily

Around the world, in any occasion of your life, you’ve noticed that there are some people with ease to lose weight, to gain muscle mass and the other with a tendency to gain weight. This happens because the genetics of each person is different, and there are different body types, also known as Biotipos. There are three types of Biotipos: Ectomorph, Endomorfo and Mesomorphic, and each type has characteristics and different needs, and therefore it is necessary to adapt the life style, diet and physical exercise to each type of body to maintain good physical shape and health.

Types of Biotipos


The ectomorfos have lean bodies and slender, narrow shoulders and long limbs. People with this kind of body type usually have metabolism fast, so that following diets less restricted and more relaxed. However, the ectomorfos present great difficulty to gain weight and muscle mass, so your workouts need to be more regular and stringent, and if possible should include exercises that help in muscle mass gain.


The Endomorfos, unlike ectomorfos, usually feature bodies more wide and more members short, being known by gain weight with some ease, because your metabolism is slower. People with this type of biotype despite having a larger facility to gain muscle mass than the ectomorfos, they have great difficulty losing weight. Therefore, the diet of the Endomorfos you need to be a little more restricted than that of the ectomorfos, and your workouts should include a wider variety of cardio exercises that help lose weight and burn fat.


Finally, the Mesomorfos have lean bodies and muscular, being in your general quite athletic and envied by many. People with this body type usually have the torso well developed, presenting little abdominal fat and waist narrow. The Mesomorphic in addition to having the facility to burn calories, you also have the facility to gain muscle mass, thus not requiring restricted diet or workouts demanding.

Learn to Identify Your Body Type to Lose Weight More Easily 1