Learn More About the Benefits of Pilates and How Much Time Lose Weight 1

Learn More About the Benefits of Pilates and How Much Time Lose Weight

The Pilates is a type of exercise is great for increasing flexibility and toning the muscles, in addition to fighting the pain, improve posture, increase strength and, when combined with the diet and practice of physical activity with high energy expenditure, such as race or Muay Thay, for example, help to lose weight.

The pilates is based on 6 principles:

  1. The center of force, also called core, which are the abdominal muscles, which should be considered the focus of all exercises, since it promotes the stabilization of the trunk;
  2. Concentration, since it is necessary to have full concentration on the realization of the movements to have the benefits;
  3. Control of the movement, with the goal of improving motor coordination;
  4. Fluidity of movement, so that there are no major impacts;
  5. Precision, with respect to the quality of the movement;
  6. Breathing, which should be synchronized with each motion made.

All of these principles are fundamental to the pilates can be practiced in the best shape and, thus, can have multiple benefits. Pilates tones the muscles and makes it easier to remain in the correct posture daily, in addition to disguise the belly and lengthen the body, leaving the silhouette more elegant, since one of the main groups worked in this exercise is the core, or abdominal muscles.

The Pilates lessons last approximately 1 hour and have a caloric expenditure between 200 and 400 calories depending on the exercises performed. The best professionals to give Pilates lessons are the physical educator and the physical therapist with the proper knowledge of the method. Learn what are the pilates exercises more suitable.

Benefits of pilates

The pilates has countless benefits and can be practiced by the elderly, adults, children, adolescents, and pregnant women. Some of the main benefits of pilates are:

  • Increase of the concentration;
  • Stress relief;
  • Muscle strengthening to prevent injury;
  • Assists in recovery from injuries;
  • Promotes the toning of the muscles;
  • Improves balance and posture;
  • Improves breathing;
  • Decreases back pain and prevents urinary incontinence, in the case of pregnant women;
  • Increases flexibility;
  • Improves mobility and coordination;
  • Helps in slimming;
  • In the case of athletes, pilates can help increase the performance in other physical activities;
  • Allows children and teenagers to know the limits of your body.

The pilates requires the mind and body are in tune, as it required a lot of concentration and breath control to which the movements are performed in the correct way and if it can have multiple benefits. The pilates method allows you to work all over the body, the muscles most activated of the abdomen, buttocks and back. Learn more about the pilates method.

Pilates lose weight in how much time?

A scientific article published in 2011 reported that the practice of resistance exercises, such as Pilates, during a time of approximately 8 weeks is able to reduce by 13% fat to the liver.

Even though these numbers do not reflect directly on the balance, the regular practice of physical exercises like Pilates help you lose weight because it speeds up the metabolism and favours the formation of the muscles, which can increase the caloric expenditure even stopped. The results can be seen at the end of the first month of classes, and the other will be able to see her new curves in about 6 months.

Learn More About the Benefits of Pilates and How Much Time Lose Weight 1