How to Modernize a Small Bathroom in 4 Steps

The fact that your bathroom is small does not mean that you can not look incredible. These simple tips will help you to transform it into a more modern and spectacular place. Dare to renew!

How to Modernize a Small Bathroom in 4 Steps

Step 1: add color

A touch of colour can increase the aesthetics of the space. Contrasting hues like magenta or Blue King with white or beige, for example, will instantly update your bathroom and will increase the feeling of spaciousness. Another good idea is to add decorative accents with a hand towel, a pot or a carpet of vibrant color.

Step 2: take advantage of the windows

Do you have windows?, what are you waiting for you to get the most? Their edges can work as you shelves to put objects and accessories that highlight the originality of the space. Place bottles old stuffed with sand, fish tanks or even candles. It renews and take every corner!

Step 3: install tiles

A wall tile is a resource that automatically gives it personality and harmony to the bathroom. We encourage you to use tiles of vibrant colors such as orange, yellow and green lemon. Combined with neutral tones accessories wall to make the space look spectacular, modern and more spacious.

Step 4: Add plants

Use plants as decoration is a simple way to give to the bathroom an air of freshness and cleanness. It opts for small plants and that do not require many care, such as a bamboo or an aloe vera plant. You can put them next to the sink, on the tank of the toilet or on the floor.

You already know what you have to do to make the space look more modern! Now we invite you to discover our catalogue and discover a wide variety of lighting that will help you highlight your bathroom renovation, visit our site.

How is your bathroom?