How to Maintain Body Heat

One of the main factors to take into account when going camping is the preparation that we must have in situations of low temperatures.

How to Maintain Body Heat

It is important to always maintain body heat and protect parts of the body that may be exposed to extreme cold temperatures, there are major risks that must be taken into consideration, such as overexposure and freezing of limbs, than in extreme situations Can derive in amputations of the fingers and toes, so you should always wear proper footwear to keep the heat of the feet, as well as socks made of insulation materials, and an extra pair to avoid freezing the sweat when these They get too wet.

In the same way we can not lack in our camping equipment a good pair of gloves that protect the hands against the low temperatures. Although it is true that a percentage of body heat is lost by the head, it is a myth that the 75% of the body’s heat in this area, it has been shown that it is around 10% of body heat that goes through the head, so the main areas of the body that we must make sure to keep warm are the limbs and The trunk, it is recommenced to dress “in layers” that is to say to carry several layers of clothes as it can be, from inside to outside: camiceta, t-shirt, sweatshirt and at the end a coat and in the lower part of the body, underpants;If possible doubles, insulation shorts and pants.

However, when the fall of the sun, logically the temperatures fall considerably, the main thing is to have a good fire, it is recommended a campfire reflector because it is the one that provides the most heat, it should be located at approximately one meter with twenty centimeters Of our country house or shelter.

What is true is that much more body heat is lost with the direct contact of the body with the ground, so it is recommended to place a “bed” of dry leaves under the tent or on the floor of the shelter, that is Even when a sleeping bag is available, as this will guarantee a better isolation of the body by further avoiding the contact of the body with the cold floor, another trick that is used in these circumstances is to place newspaper paper between The clothes since it is a quite effective insulation, in this way increase our chances of spending a warm night even in conditions of cold exremo.Good camping!