How to Hide Dark Circles

The dark circles are anti-aesthetics, not conducive at all to the face, and upset us all. When they appear, it makes us look tired, even if you aren’t.

How to Hide Dark Circles

The dark circles are a sign that something happens to our ouerpo so that there are several types of dark circles and there are several reasons so they appear and as we don’t like to see us badly here we’ll explain how to conceal dark circles.

  1. strong dark circles: are these dark circles that always remain in your eyes, but you’re well rested. Usually son much darker than skin color. At the time of combat them or try to conceal dark circles, is best the corrector closest to your skin tone. If with the spell was not enough, you can place a layer of volatile powder to set and then a second layer of concealer. Makeup concentrated in the area of greater color, but also down the sides of the nose and the upper lip.Thus fades better spell.
  1. the dark circles changed: they call them as well as those dark circles that change color according to moving day. Almost always have a color a little Dim at the start of the day and it is emphasizing the color during the day. As disguise of such dark circles? more thing is have a good spell always at hand in the portfolio, ready for editing when necessary.
  2. the swollen dark circles: are also known as fluffy dark circles or bags.

These circles are that more reflect a tired look. It’s a kind of pillow or bag below the eye. They can be generated by tiredness, retention of liquids, pregnancy and genetics.

The best solution to hide these circles, is an exact skin or a little darker color corrector. Never more clear, this makes to highlight them. Moreover, prooductos cosmetic anti-dark circles that make effect reducing bags at 2 o’clock.

Another good tip How to conceal dark circles is marking the look, highlighting the lashes with a good mascara or mascara.

Anyway these tips are cosmetic, if always persist the dark circles, it is best to see a doctor or take into account how you are feeding.

Many times we believe that we have rested enough, but do not come you bad, relax and rest all that time will allow you to do so.