How to Apply Blush on Round Face

Blush , if properly applied, can enhance any style of face with a soft color. For the round faces, there is a challenge to apply the makeup as the blush and is to be avoided that the face see more large, and at the same time give a better definition.

How to Apply Blush on Round Face

Some tips as apply blush on round face: as keep colors within certain areas and apply the blush in other parts of the face to help the person of round face to achieve a more flattering glow.

*The side V: for a round face, the width and length of the face are similar, so it should keep in mind when applying the blush is to avoid round shape to emphasize and create the illusion of a longer face.One way to do it is forming V side where the color is gone up. You should avoid putting blush close to the nose, which will call attention to the roundness of your face.

*Apply blush elsewhere: some traces of blushing in other parts of the face can make the roundness of your face more defined. Apply it with a brush at the top of your Temple, and also in the center of your Chin to disguise the overall roundness.

Respect the areas : Keep blush inside certain limits will help you to make the face look less round. To apply it, it passes the bottom of your cheeks. In the same way, avoid blur it through the ends of your eyebrows. You should also locate you on the apples of your cheeks.

Other tips to apply blush : there are proper elements that can help you to that round faces have a natural blush and look less round. The proper use of brushes or brushes, for the small faces, open brush applies the makeup with greater precision, while a medium brush incorporates makeup without expanding it too and emphasizes the appearance of roundness.