Experience Fishing With Fishing Guide in Spain

Today I have the “Tallaham” for you a fishing report on (Pomatomus saltatrix), called in Catalonia of the Fishhook Crusher.

Experience Fishing With Fishing Guide in Spain
Why the fish is so-named? Just because the Tallaham is actually able to bite through large fishing hooks with his razor-sharp teeth clean. In Germany he is known under the name of blue fish and… England as bluefish. However, call them the blue fish in other regions of Spain also Anjova. But please do not confuse with anchovy, Anchoa this would mean in Spanish!

The Tallaham is one of the best target fish for my fishing in the Mediterranean. He fights on the hook like a man possessed and making huge, high leaps out of the water. The fish has the hooks sideways in the mouth, the chances are very good to put him on the planks of the boat.But woe betide if he caught the line or the hook with his sharp teeth, is he up and away. That happens all the time, if you already think to be able to land it safely.
I track down the Tallahams (copies of 50-80 cm) with my fishing boat in the summer close off our coast, Barcelona, where they swim in groups around because they are safer in the flat zones before larger conspecifics (up to 1.30 m length). Often, they chase after small fish likewolves in packs even near the beach, in shallow water. This already bathers (including babies) were bitten by this aggressive predators, which always ensures great turmoil.

Fishing techniques such as one the Tallahams get on the hook
We start the predators with the towline or spin fishing from boat. The Rapala lure works best with, to catch the robbers. Occasionally, we employ also indicators and vinyl bait. The fish also like to attack the vinyl bait (best in the color white) because he looks like a small sand eel, which often occurs in the coastal region.
My best experiences with these fighting fishes are, if I equipped with lures Tucker with my boat in shallow water on the beach of Canet with Max 4.5 node and 4 towing cords (15 to 25 m behind the boat) along.
In the Emerald clear water a good dozen Tallahams appear to be at once responsive. The contours of the fish are clearly visible on the light, sandy soil. My tension rises sharply, be they pounce on the bait and give battle crook my customers? Actually, after you the bait may have seen them make a sweeping turn and we go!
On many baits, the predators greedy then immediately plunge and all four fishing rods bend to the half-circle. Quickly I’m still by the head, the nodes are properly secured and will keep the cords?
Now we need coordinated to act, I take care of so that the lines do not cross and stand the angler with the landing page. Have them tiring fish drilled out and close up on the wall of the Board, I keschere the predatory fish on board. While not a finger close to the sharp teeth in the mouth must be just, by then smooth it would be bitten. You get not all fish on board, many a time and again manages in freedom to come. But after the busy fishing, if the rods are obtained, one appreciates a well paid and successful fishing trip.
As Angel fish is the Tallaham (called also blue perch) top, but fish not so much appreciated. The Spaniards prefer fish with white meat, as the Wolf bass and sea bream. By the professional fishermen, the fish are not hunted and by many anglers to use back again into the water. This benefits me however because the Tallahams there are always numerous present fishing in the Mediterranean. The Bluefish season starts may just now. The flesh of the fish is more red, such as the tuna. Grilled on charcoal, the meat tastes great and fine to eat as sushi or Carpaccio.