Draw for 4 Stuffed Animals Candy Dreams of NICI Irresistible!

The other day presented you the wonderful and new collection of NICI plush sweet dreams. On Facebook and other social networks have shown me that you love and it is not for less. Courtesy of NICI Spain we will sort the four lovable characters in this collection. It’s the Wulli, Hoby Bunny, Teddy bear Tommsy sheep and cat Kimsi. Do you want to win them? Well keep reading and I tell you how.

Draw for 4 Stuffed Animals Candy Dreams of NICI Irresistible!

You know that the NICI soft toys are super top in the whole world and in our country are also highly sought after. I assure you that if you abrazarais sheep Wulli, Hoby Bunny, the Tommsy bear and cat Kimsi you entenderíais the why. In addition to for your kids are going to love you.

The sweet dreams of NICI collection has been created in collaboration with Aprilkind. The four protagonists have soft teddy NICI and their hats and pyjamas are made with the highest quality fabric so you can join your children in bed. Above you can see sheep Wulli (in blue) that social networks have told me that you like it very much and the teddy bear Tommsy in Brown. Red bottom Kimsi cat.

What is characteristic of these tender four characters in the collection sweet dreams of NICI is that they help children to sleep linking a positive experience based on dreams that want to have when they fall asleep that time of day. I.e. in the tummy of stuffed animals, in your pajamas, you have to save a drawing made by your small before going to the bed where he has written or painted what dream you wish to have. Then the light goes out, clings to Teddy and dreams become reality. Below you can see precious Bunny Hoby, plush blue sky.

And not only that. These stuffed animals have a special flap. But to enter the sweepstakes you must explain what about this flap of the reversible Beanie carrying 4 sweet dreams. So you must follow the following steps:

1 continue to toys and ideas on Facebook and NICI Spain (mandatory). Click here to the I like.
2. register in the form below where you leave your details for the draw.

  1. Finally, leave a comment under this post solved the enigma why the hat of the plush sweet dreams? If you are looking for in the contents of this blog’s toys or safe Nici Facebook you have the answer.

If you share this giveaway on any of your social networks also taken it into account. You can put something like: participated in the draw for 4 stuffed animals candy dreams of NICI in @Jugueteseideas help me to solve the enigma! Here:our site.

From all the comments will make the draw on December 22. You can participate the toys and ideas readers in Spain (Peninsula). Only one comment per person and a record on the form is valid. The winner will be communicated on Facebook, in this blog and you will receive a confirmation email. If in a week he has failed us sweepstakes will be desert.

By the way, the sweet dreams collection promotes creativity in kids, love and peace. So now at Christmas they are more indicated than ever. Best wishes!

Schlaf GmbH NICI

Closed Giveaway: Dear friends, we have the four winners of the collection sweet dreams of NICI Spain Teddies. All have successful response: the flap on the CAP serves to close her eyes and putting them to sleep. They are soft and adorable stuffed animals that exist. The winners are: Aroa Orihuela Vega, Begoña Muñoz, Patricia Demedice and Laura Grandmontagne congratulations to all four! You will receive a confirmation email. Thanks to all and all to participate.