Check Out the Super Tips to Maintain Your Bike

You know what is the right time to start the maintenance of your bike? In this post, we will give many important tips.


Check Out the Super Tips to Maintain Your Bike

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Depending on the use of your bike, the ideal is to do a wash every 15 days and a general maintenance every month. In the season of rain, this schedule changes, it may be necessary to wash and lubricate the chain of your bike every time you reach a workout in the rain. Already the general review shall be fortnightly, due to the wear on the bearings.

There are some precautions that cyclists need to have with the chain, the pedals, the handlebars, the brakes and the tires. With the current check, its useful life on a weekly basis and note if all the links are intact, as a chain with a link broken can break, bringing several wealthy accident. Always lubricate to avoid getting rusty. The chain lubricated and clean has a longer life.

Check, regularly, the pressure of the springs of the pedals!

The pedal is a safety component and should always be reviewed. If you use the sneakers, you should check the “tacos” because tacos worn compromise the efficiency of the security of the pedals.

Show the handlebars to a mechanic to identify some type of fatigue, mainly those of carbon. Never use a handlebars (OEM replica). A lot of attention to this item of your bike, when handlebars break, it is very difficult to stand on the bike!

Check out the overall appearance of your tyres and their calibration. Note if there are cuts or other types of malfunctions. Some tires have a system of assessment of useful life. If your tires are “bald”, switch quickly. New tires are more difficult to drill and provide more grip in the corners. Not with risk worn tires, has prudence and attention. The tire pressure can be observed on the side of the tyre, they indicate the minimum and the maximum pounds it can handle. Remember, the calibration will depend on your weight and the type of terrain you will ride.In rough terrain, use less pounds. And on the land more smooth, use more pounds in the tire.

Keep blocking (the piece that secures the wheel to the bicycle frame) always under pressure. It should not be neither too tight, nor too loose. If the blocking is loose, there is a risk of the wheel to become loose, be careful! The brakes need to provide security in braking. Should not be too righteous, too loose, or catching on the rim.

Decided to get out to ride? You already know, make sure the chain is lubricated, the calibration of the tires and always carry a pump and air chamber reservation. Also, keep a kit of tools with you and never forget to bring your identification documents, with contacts for emergency. Avoid working alone, in case something happens, it is easier to get help with a companion on the side.