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Baby Bath Newborn

The bath of the newly born baby should take no longer than 10 minutes and can be given in any part of the day and all days. However, about 2-3 baths per week are sufficient for the baby and one should never give a bath to the baby after he eat or suck because you can golfar.

In addition, to give bath to the newborn baby it is important to use hygiene products such as shampoo and soap, suitable for babies because they are less aggressive to the skin and do not cause irritation of the eyes, for example.

How to give bath to the newborn baby

1. How to tidy up the bathroom before showering

  • Prepare all the material before you give the bathto the baby, such as towels, toiletries, clean diaper, clean clothes and place them near the bathtub of the baby;
  • Keep the pleasant temperature, between 22 to 25ºC, by closing all the doors and windows to avoid air currents that can make the baby sick;
  • Fill the tub with warm water, checking with a thermometer or with the pulse, if the temperature is between 36-37ºC to not burn the baby. The bath should have a maximum of 13 cm of water or about 8 fingers.

2. How to wash your hair, and the face of the newborn baby:

  • With the newborn baby still outside the tub and with the body wrapped in a towel, hold the head over the bath, placing the arm under the body and the hand on the neck;
  • Play a small amount of water from the front to the back of the head, without wetting the ears of the baby, passing lightly on the hand in the hair, without rubbing or massaging;
  • Wash the eyes, the nose, and the face of the babybaby only with water and with a piece of gauze, changing gauze after each use.

3. How to wash the body of the newborn baby:

  • Put the baby in the tuband hold on to it, placing one of his arms across the back of the baby, holding under his arm, to which the head of the baby is supported on your forearm, as shown in the picture 2;
  • Wash the arms, hands, belly, legs and intimate area of the baby, in this order, with a small amount of soap;
  • Wash the back and buttocks of the baby. To turn the baby, rotate it with the free hand, getting the chest, and the face of the baby supported in the arm that was holding it, as shown in picture 3;

4. How to dry the newborn baby:

  • Dry very well the baby, especially the folds, with a soft towel, without rubbing;
  • Put moisturizing cream own for babies in the body of the baby, put the diaper and dress him up.

You should never leave the baby alone during the bath, not even for a second for he did not drown, and the nails of the one who gives bath to the baby must be short to not hurt.

Baby Bath Newborn 1